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Lucky Charmed by Sharla Lovelace

Title: Lucky Charmed
Author: Sharla Lovelace
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Charmed in Texas #2
Main Characters: Carmen and Sully
Release Date: July 2017
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Charmed, Texas, is as warm and welcoming as it sounds. But even in a small town, when it comes to love, sometimes you’ve got to take the bitter with the sweet . . . 

Carmen Frost hates honey. And bees. And in her hometown of Charmed, Texas, which practically invented the stuff, that’s a problem. The good news is that the summer Honey Festival is finally over. Even better, so is the annual Lucky Hart carnival, a road show that made off with her dreams years ago—including the boy she loved. Now she’s got a divorce behind her, and a successful law career in front of her, but in a tiny town, big memories die hard. Or they don’t die at all—as Carmen discovers when she runs into an all too familiar pair of eyes—older, wiser, and just as heart-melting as ever . . .

Sully Hart has had enough of the nomad lifestyle. Travelling with his father’s carnival gave him adventures, but it cost him much more. Now he’s home to stay, contracted to create an entertainment complex in Charmed. He wants roots, a house with a yard and all the mundane pleasures that go with it. But the girl he loved has become a woman who still wants freedom. Can she still want him? It seems he and Carmen are at each other’s throats one minute—and on each other’s lips the next. Someone’s gotta give . . .

My Review:
It's no secret that I love the way Sharla Lovelace writes her stories. This one was no exception. This book was so good...a second chance at love story...which I love.

When she was 18, Carmen was ready to run off and join the carnival to be with Sully. They were together 21 days and she was sure that he was The One. She had no doubts. He obviously did, though, because he left town without a word to her. 

Ever since that summer, she's avoided him when the carnival came to town. She even got married and divorced since then. She's good with never running into Sully again. 

So, it's a shock when the carnival leaves and Sully doesn't. He's in her town, in her grocery store...and she is not happy to know that this time he doesn't plan on leaving. 

Sully is through with the carnival. He spent his life touring with it, but now that it's time for him to settle somewhere, he can't imagine doing it anywhere but the place where he fell in love with Carmen. He just doesn't count on the small town mentality. He was the man who ruined their hometown girl. They don't forgive or forget easily. 

The irony is that Sully is finally ready to stop moving and stay in Charmed just as Carmen is ready to finally leave. She says she's going on vacation, but she's really not planning on coming back. She's always wanted to travel and her small town is slowly smothering her...something that's even worse now with Sully in town. 

I loved this book. Carmen is smart and self deprecating. She doesn't let people beat her down. I loved her for that. Her ex-husband is the mayor and is still in love with her. Sully obviously still has feelings for her and she's quite honestly fed up with it all. She's tired of being alone and judged in this small town. She wants out. 

The book is told entirely from Carmen's point of view, but this author does an amazing job revealing the heroes thoughts and motivation even though you aren't in his pov. My heart broke for him...especially as details started to come out. I actually felt really bad for her ex-husband, too. Yeah, he's not the greatest guy, but he's obviously still in love with Carmen. In the end I felt bad for him. 

There's a lot of angst and emotion to this story, but there are also lots of light-hearted moments. I loved the fact that the entire town is built around honey and Carmen hates the food. There's also a seriously poignant moment that I loved with a diner cook in the West. 

Just a great book. I highly recommend and cannot wait for the next book in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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