Thursday, June 22, 2017

Uncommon Ground by Kelly Jensen

Title: Uncommon Ground (Aliens in New York #1)
Author: Kelly Jensen
My Rating: A

Genre: Sci Fi Romance (m/m)
Series: Memories with the Breakfast Club- Kindle Worlds
Main Characters: Lang and Dillon
Release Date: June 2017
Publisher: Kindle Worlds
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Dillon Lee’s grandfather was a conspiracy theorist. Every summer he’d take Dillon on a tour of New York City while entertaining him with tales of aliens. Fifteen years later, after a phone call from a lawyer, Dillon is carrying his grandfather’s ashes from landmark to landmark, paying a sort of tribute, and trying to figure out what to do with his unexpected legacy. When someone tries to steal the ashes, a guy Dillon has barely met leaps to the rescue, saving the urn and the day.
Steilang Skovgaard is a reclusive billionaire—and not human. He’s been living in Manhattan for over twenty years, working on a long-term plan to establish a safe haven for his people. For seven years, his reports have gone unanswered, however, and he is the only surviving member of his interstellar team. The connection he forms with Dillon soon after meeting him is something he’s missed, something he craves.
But after someone keeps trying to steal the ashes, it looks as though Dillon’s grandfather was involved in more than theories—and might not have been exactly who everyone thought he was. Steilang doesn’t know how close he can get to the truth without revealing himself, and Dillon is running out of people to trust. Can these two work out what’s going on before the thieves set their sights higher?
My Review:
OMG, this book was good. While it's listed as sci-fi...and totally is a sci-fi romance, the entire book takes place in the contemporary world, so it feels like a contemporary romance...with just super-creative details. And I kind of adore it for that. It's seriously the best of both worlds...and keeps the science in the story from bogging down with confusing details. 

So...this story...Dillon has just arrived in NYC. His grandfather, who's been missing for the last 15 years has died and left all his belongings to Dillon. While Dillon believes his grandfather was a complete nut because he believed that aliens really existed, Dillon loved him and those summers he got to spend with him. So he's grieving and trying to figure out what to do now. He's getting coffee when he runs into Lang. 

Lang is a bit of an eccentric, reclusive billionaire. While he doesn't like people all that much...especially crowds or standing out...he's drawn to Dillon and gets caught up in the mess as someone tries to steal Dillon's backpack. The backpack that just happens to have Dillon's grandfather's ashes inside. And things develop from there. 

There is so much to love about this book. Dillon has always felt a little bit of an outsider. He's a bit weird looking and awkward, but Lang is completely taken with him. He sees Dillon as sexy and perfect. Neither of these guys are the type to just take up with anyone, but their connection is immediate. I loved how perfectly they fit together. I loved both of them...they were incredible characters. Dillon has always been a bit of an outsider. Lang has been alone in this world for 20 years. I LOVED that they found one another. They deserved that happiness.

But in the midst of this developing relationship are all these attacks on Dillon...they have to have something to do with his grandfather, but neither Lang nor Dillon has any idea what's really going on. 

Like I said...the sci fi elements in this story are really well done. It has just the perfect amount of those other-world details, but in the middle of current day NYC. I loved this, so much. I'm ready for more to come... (I happen to like the idea of aliens living in NYC).

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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