Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Public Relations by Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini

Title: Public Relations
Author: Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini
My Rating: A-

Genre: Chick Lit
Main Characters: Rose and Archie
Release Date: May 2017
Publisher:  Grand Central
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
Young PR star Rose Reed is thrown into the big leagues when her boss leaves town the day of the firm's meeting with Archie Fox, a young, hot, internationally famous British singer-songwriter. The meeting is going badly until Rose suggests a staged romance with up-and-coming, young indie star Raya. He'll do it, but only if Rose becomes his publicist. 

As the faux-mance begins to rehabilitate Archie's faltering career, Rose finds his herself having unexpected, inconvenient and definitely unprofessional feelings for the crooner. But do late night texts and impromptu burrito binges mean he feels the same? In the end, Rose will have to decide whether to let her fantasy crush go, or to risk her reputation to be with the charming, handsome, scoundrel-y but sweet pop star she's grown to love.

My Review:
I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. It definitely reads more like Chick Lit than it does romance so I was a little nervous about how the book would end. Romance readers...never fear, there is a satisfactory happy ending. 

This book focuses on the life of Rose. She's a young PR person working in NYC. She's not very confident in her job and constantly sure that she's on the verge of getting fired. It doesn't help that all her bosses are extremely demanding, several are narcissistic jerks, and her main boss is so totally closed off, Rose has no idea if she's doing a good job or screwing up everything. The thing is, Rose has good instincts. She just isn't confident enough in them to trust them most of the time, even though she is really good at what she does.

That all changes when Archie comes to their firm to re-energize his brand name. Joanna, Rose's boss, has to leave suddenly to take care of another client, so that leaves Rose with the other bosses to handle Archie. The thing is...the other bosses are totally incompetent and lack knowledge in how to deal with a young pop idol and how to up his appeal with his demographic. They propose awful things and Rose has to jump in, although she's been told to keep her mouth closed during the meeting. But Archie and his team likes what Rose has to say so they insist on her taking his account. 

For the majority of this book there isn't a romance...just hints that there might be some sparks, but like Rose, the reader isn't too sure about the signals that Archie is sending. I enjoyed the book. It was fun to get insight into Rose's life in public relations, especially as someone who works in the social media. It was fun to get the professional spin about where to go for what.

After reading the author's note at the end and with the events  happening throughout, this book very likely started as fan fiction. I'm fine with that. The story is extremely readable and entertaining. I liked and loved with where the story went in the end. As someone who was nervous about the way it might end, the way it DID end was pure perfection. It made me very happy. I'd definitely read a book from these authors again.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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