Saturday, May 13, 2017

Everything Changes by Melanie Hansen (audiobook)

Title:  Everything Changes
Author: Melanie Hansen
My Rating: A-
Narrator: Robert Nieman

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Resilient Love #1
Main Characters: Carey and Jase
Release Date: January 2017 (audiobook)
Publisher: Dreamspinner
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
What happens when friendship catches fire?

Former Marine and lower-leg amputee Carey Everett keeps a grueling schedule of counseling fellow war veterans and their families. The injury he received in Afghanistan forces him to rely on a reserve of strength he didn’t even know he had. A much deserved vacation will let him reconnect with his best friend, who saved his life and has been there for him through devastating injury and painful recovery.

Part-time EMT and aspiring singer Jase DeSantis has been in love with Carey for years, but he’s come to accept that his straight friend will never be able to offer more. Jase fills his days with band rehearsals, ambulance shifts, and willing groupies, all while trying to cope with debilitating PTSD.

A week of sun, fun, and music in San Diego changes Jase and Carey’s lives forever when their relationship takes an unexpected turn. Jase has been longing for that change, but it leaves Carey reeling with confusion. As Jase fights to hold things together, Carey deals with doubts, fears, and his own preconceived notions about labels and the true nature of love.

Listening Length: 7 hours and 12 minutes

My Review:
Overall: 4.25
Performance: 4.0
Story: 4.5

I'll admit it...I'm a sucker for military romances and the history between these two guys fits that definition very nicely. I'm also a huge sucker for the friends to lovers trope...this one fits that trope, too.  

This is truly a friends to lovers story. Carey isn't gay, but he is best friends with Jase, who is gay. In fact, Jase saved his life when Carey lost his leg during the war. They've been best friends for a long, long time. And in all that time, Carey hasn't felt even the slightest attraction to Jase, but something's changed. Although he's always known Jase was an attractive guy, it's not until this visit that he sees him as a sexual guy. 

The book is told in a series of current day events as well as flashbacks to when the two were in the military together. The military isn't what their lives entail now, but it very much formed their close that's huge. I loved that about it.

And throughout the story are the other difficulties that they face leftover from their days in the military. Carey is an amputee which definitely has had lingering effects on his life. For Jase, he was a medic in the military and suffers still from PTSD and the lingering nightmares because he had to face such horrific choices in the warzone. 

I loved that Carey has devoted his life to helping to counsel other war veterans who have found their transition to civilian life more difficult than expected...mainly due to injuries. That makes his dealing with Jase's lingering issues much more natural to him than it might be for any other man. Jase is on the verge of hitting it big as a rock star. Although he's always been secretly in love with Carey, he's devoted himself to a series of one night stands and never knowing a true love. He's given up on that hope for himself. 

All of that made this romantic story even more than I expected. I loved this story and thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. It was a great audiobook. 

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