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Outside the Lines by A.R. Barley

Title: Outside the Lines
Author: A.R. Barley
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Boundaries #3
Main Characters: Mitch and Chi Chi
Release Date: November 2016
Publisher:  Carina
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Falling for the drag queen next door 

Mitch Dalton can't stop fantasizing about his sexy and confident drag queen neighbor. He wants to make a move, but he's had a lot less experience with men and isn't sure Chi-Chi would be interested in a guy who's never gone all the way—let alone a widower and struggling single father. And when Mitch's child care falls through, he needs Chi-Chi's help more than he needs a boyfriend.

Chi-Chi Ramirez has his own struggles: getting his degree one class at a time, working too many jobs and performing at a nightclub to make his Broadway dreams come true. Mitch's offer of a nanny position is too good to pass up, even if seeing Mitch every day and not being able to touch him is torture. But when even a simple handshake feels like pure sex, soon touching is all either of them can think about.

A one-night stand, a quick fling—that's all Chi-Chi can give if he's going to leave town for New York City. But once they finally get a taste of each other, what if Mitch wants more?
My Review:
I've really enjoyed this whole series and this was a great addition to it. We met Chi Chi in the last book, so when I saw this book featured him, I had to grab it. 

Chi Chi is a go-getter. When the book begins, he's working 4 of them as a drag queen. He dreams of someday making it to NYC and Broadway...and is willing to work to get there. He's had a hard life. He had an abusive father and is from the wrong community. As a smaller, more delicate and feminine guy drawn to pink, and glitter, and lace, that didn't work out too well for him. But now he's in a pretty good place...even managing to go to one college class. 

Mitch is not in a good place. His wife left him as a single father to two young kids when she suddenly died two years ago. His life is a mess and he's not managing any of it well. Things are slipping through the cracks like the fact his nanny is totally unreliable. It's because of that Chi Chi ends up taking care of the kids one afternoon. In that single afternoon, Mitch got a glimpse of what his life could be like, so he hires Chi Chi.

The complication is that the two men are drawn to one another. There's huge chemistry, but Mitch is all about putting his family's needs in front of his matter that he hasn't dated anyone since his wife died and he's extremely lonely. 

Like I said, I completely enjoyed the book. It's a little bit on the shorter side so I was able to read it in one afternoon, in one sitting. Which was good because once I started it, I didn't want to put it down. Both men have issues. Chi Chi lives with the idea that no one will ever want him forever because he's different than most. His self esteem has taken a battering over the years. Mitch is torn. While he's bisexual, he doesn't have a lot of experience with men. And what if this doesn't work out? His kids need Chi Chi.

Then there were the kids. They were really well written. I loved both of those kids, and how completely accepting they were of this unknown situation. Jack is eleven...he's old enough to pick up on the clues of what is happening between Mitch and Chi Chi and I loved how forthright he was about his questions...and then his actions, that kid was awesome!

Like I said, it was a good one. I enjoyed it...a lot.
I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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