Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hold Me by Courtney Milan

Title: Hold Me  
Author: Courtney Milan
My Rating: B-

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Cyclone #2
Main Characters: Maria and Jay
Release Date: October 2016
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Eighteen months ago, Maria Lopez felt an unexpected spark with Jay, a hot, tattooed, motorcycle-riding bad boy who checked off every item on her fantasy list. But “too good to be true” never ends well. So when he asked for her number, she walked away.

When she runs into him again, she discovers that Jay is a different kind of trouble than she’s imagined. He’s a demanding, driven genius, and once he’s set his sights on something, he does not give up. Now that their paths have crossed once more, he’s not going to let her get away until he knows exactly what’s on her fantasy list…and he figures out how to make her embrace it.
My Review:

This is a difficult book for me to rate because flat-out this was not the book for me. Both the characters in this book are extremely intellectual people. He's a scientist. She's a math whiz. And when you put the two of them together, their conversations are extremely cerebral. They flirt using math and physics. I am not a math or science I'll be honest... A LOT of their banter went completely over my head. And that was so annoying, because I liked their story. The setup was cute and brilliant. Their connection was gorgeous in its purity...even when they didn't trust it. In those moments, I loved this book because it was good. But unfortunately those moments only made up about 20% of the book. The rest of the time, I considered DNF'ing it. :(

And I loved the fact that this is a story that you don't find very often. These characters are rarities in romance...minorities in ethnicity and sexuality...gah, I really, really wanted to love everything about their story. 

But like I said...this just wasn't the book for me. Unfortunately, no matter how much I'd like to be cerebral, that is not my gift in life. 

But there are beautiful moments in the story that I absolutely did connect to. The emotion behind the two of them after they find out the truth...LOVED, so much. That hurt and turmoil played so brilliantly on the page. Courtney Milan nailed their emotional angst and wonderfully drove that home for the reader. 

I loved how feminine Maria is and how staunchly she defends her ability to be both gorgeous, put together, and darn smart. I hated how much she was completely and totally misjudged. Jay had a fantastic character arc and development over the course of the book in that regard. 

So, this was a mixed bag. Although a lot of the banter went over my head with the terminology, in the end I was still able to enjoy the romance. This honestly could have been an A+ read for me, but it would have had to have been dumbed down and that would suck for the honesty about who the characters were. So this is one of those's not you, it's me. Maybe it's time to go back to college and brush up on my math and science knowledge...

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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