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To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

Title: To Hate Adam Connor
Author: Ella Maise
My Rating: A-

Genre: New Adult Romance 
Series: #2
Main Characters: Adam and Lucy
Release Date: June 2016
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
*Lucy's story is a complete standalone*

So you may ask, who is Adam Connor? He is the recently divorced, Academy Award-winning actor who just moved in next door with his kid. He also happens to be an exquisite male specimen and the most infuriating sly bastard I’ve ever come across.
Let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you wanna take a peek over the wall to catch a glimpse of him, hopefully when he is naked? Wouldn’t you melt away after watching him work out as his five-year-old kid cheered him on? Do I even have to mention those abs, the big bulge in his pants, or that arm porn? Oh, wait, you would never spy on him? Sure…

While I was being thoughtful by not breaking and entering and was actually considering going over to offer him a shoulder—or maybe a boob or two—to cry on (y’know, because of his divorce), instead he had me thrown in jail after a small incident. Jail, people! He was supposed to grant me countless orgasms as a thank you, not a jail cell.

After that day, I was mentally plotting ways to strangle him instead of jumping his bones to make sweet love. So what if my body did more than just shiver when he whispered dirty little things in my ear? I can’t be held responsible for that. And when was the last time he’d kissed anyone anyway? Who’d enjoy a kiss with a side of heart attack?

Even if he and his son were the best things since sliced bread—and I’m not saying he was—I couldn’t fall for him. No matter what promises he whispered on my skin, my curse wouldn’t let us be. I wasn’t a damsel in distress—I could save myself, thank you very much—but deep inside, I still hoped Adam Connor would be the hero of my story.

My Review:
This is one of those books that has a great character's voice leading it. In this story, that voice comes from Lucy. Lucy is a girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to state that...especially mentally. Whoa, this girl (and Adam, too) has a dirty, dirty mouth...and imagination...and fantasy life...and eventually, real life, too. 

She's best friends with Olive, who's involved with movie star Jason, from the first book. She's moved in with them temporarily, and they just happen to have the movie star, Adam Connor, move in next door. Adam is blond, and gorgeous, and cut...and just too much of a temptation for Lucy to resist, especially since there's only a small rock wall (requiring a ladder to scale) separating Olive and Jason's backyard from Adam's. His backyard is where he runs around half-naked, working out with his adorable five year old...and he's half-naked. Did you catch that? You can't blame poor Lucy for taking a peek or one hundred. 

And of course, this is a humorous book so you know it's going to backfire eventually. And it does...and then the sparks really start to fly. The chemistry between Adam and Lucy is sizzling. There's a huge build-up of anticipation between the two characters. They hate each other...oh, and seriously want to tear each other's clothes off. I don't think I've ever read a book where the anticipation was written so absolutely perfectly. I really enjoyed that aspect of it. 

In fact I really enjoyed most aspects of this book. There were tons of little details to the characters that just made them love them more. I didn't read the first book (although it's in my TBR now), but I adored Olive and Jason. Seeing their love through Lucy's eyes...there was so much intense emotion between them. I also loved the running joke about Lucy being their adoptive daughter. I also loved how Lucy called Aidan, little human. There were such amazingly sweet moments between Aidan and Lucy and Aidan and Olive. 

While I enjoy books with a bit of snark and sass, it's really easy for them to go over the top to too far. And for me, that was an issue with this book, too...although it wasn't to an extreme by any means of the imagination. I enjoyed almost all of this story. Toward the end though I needed Lucy to begin to take some things seriously...that character arc never happened for her and that was a disappointment. 

Also...someone please buy this author a baby name book. We had Aidan and Adam...and then Jason and Jameson., don't do that. Never. Ever. It's just screwing with your reader's ability to keep the characters straight. 

But overall, I did really enjoy the book and can't wait to find time to read the first in the series.

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