Tuesday, February 2, 2016

By Break of Day by M.L. Buchman

Title: By Break of Day
Author: M.L. Bachman 
My Rating: A

Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Series: Night Stalkers #7
Main Characters: Kara and Justin
Release Date: February 2016
Publisher: Sourcebooks
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Captain Kara Moretti flies high in her MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAV. It is the Night Stalkers' eyes and ears in the sky, and being behind a remote control and one step back from the action has always worked for her… and her love life.

Right until Captain Justin Roberts walks straight through her shields and into her heart. Justin is a pilot who loves being right in the middle of the fray. Together they'll go where life, limb, and heart are at risk in the Mongolian wilderness. But Justin learns there's something more important than missions - Kara.

My Review:
*happy sigh* Another greatly entertaining and fabulous read from the brain of M.L Buchman. OMG, I love how this guy writes military romantic suspense!!

This book features Kara...she pilots the most elite class of UAV's or drones to support the SOAR pilots, specifically 5D. She works out of her 'coffin' on the group's boat. At the very beginning of the story she becomes the Mission Commander...something unheard of for a UAV pilot, but she has the distinct ability to oversea all aspect of the mission from her eyes in the sky and make adjustments to the mission plan on the fly according to what she sees. 

Justin flies the big helicopter for the group...the Chinook, Calamity Jane. He's a Texan from a family who raises elite quarter horses. He sees flying the big helicopter like riding his horse...he knows how to ease and coax the beast to do exactly what he needs it to do. He's the very best of the best...as are all the members of SOAR.

Justin is a laidback, easy-going cowboy. Kara is a high-strung, tough as nails, Brooklyn girl. But I loved them together. He's much more accepting of their relationship than she is, but I loved how she came to her realizations about just how much she cared for him. It's such a great character arc. But gah...I had tears rolling down my cheeks at what she has to go through in this book. M.L. Buchman always writes strong heroines, but I think Kara sets a new bar. She was amazing and I loved her even more for it. 

I had to laugh at so many moments in this book. My husband spent 20 years in the Air Force and yes, the author absolutely takes writer's license in his story telling, but he acknowledges that in this book. At #7 in the series, pretty much everyone in this group is married to one another...that would NEVER be allowed in the real military. But these people are elite and so good, they are given allowances that no one else would get. I like that the author acknowledged the fact. Note: I come from a military background and I think in every one of these books, there is a scene that I read aloud to hubby because of the fantastic scenes the author puts together...OMG...that humvee scene had me hyperventilating, so of course I had to re-read it. 

I think I say it every time I review an M.L. Buchman book...no writes military romance like he does. The books are completely action packed and filled with authentic details without getting bogged down or confusing. I absolutely recommend this one and any of the others in his military series to anyone interested in military books. You will NOT be disappointed. Fantastic reading!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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