Friday, November 27, 2015

Taking It Off by Claire Kent

Title: Taking It Off
Author: Claire Kent 
My Rating: A-

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Matt and Elizabeth
Release Date: November 2015
Publisher: Loveswept
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

My Review:
Can't get enough Magic Mike? Let bestselling author Claire Kent introduce you to Matt Stokes, the sexy-as-sin male stripper and club owner who knows what it really means to bare everything.

Preschool teacher Elizabeth Marks isn't exactly thrilled to be attending a college friend's bachelorette party at a male strip joint. The sights—screaming women, half-naked hunks—are just as sleazy as she expected, with one exception: the man standing at the back, radiating sensual heat despite being fully clothed. When Elizabeth takes refuge outside, he chases her down and dares her to stay. It turns out that her mystery man is the owner—and, as tonight's headliner, the one guy Elizabeth wouldn't mind seeing naked.

Matt Stokes lives his life one day, one dance at a time. But as he challenges Elizabeth to get in touch with the passionate, impulsive woman behind her prim façade, she brings out another side of him as well. This girl isn't just another pretty face—or paying customer—and Matt can't help wanting more. Onstage, he's used to exposing his body. Now Matt will have to expose his heart. Because when it comes to real love, that's the one striptease that matters.
My Review:
I really enjoyed this book. It was fun and sexy and just pure entertainment. But one of the things that was so good about it was that Elizabeth and Matt come from such extremely different places, but they work so well together. I've read one or two other books featuring a stripper, but I liked that Matt has the whole history of the strip club and is now the owner...and sometimes reluctant stripper when one of his regular guys flakes. 

Elizabeth goes to the club as part of a bachelorette party and hates every single minute of it. Matt sees her misery and takes it upon himself to teach her how to loosen up and have fun...challenging her to visit the club twice a week for the next month so she can learn to enjoy it. What she learns to enjoy is Matt...and he finds that he likes this uptight miss, too. 

It really was a fun read. I enjoyed it. The visuals the author drew were really fun...hello, male strippers. And the family dynamics behind both Elizabeth and Matt added to the depths of the story. I liked that everything about this relationship took Elizabeth out of her norm. As a result, she had a great character development arc over the length of the story. She grew to be a better stronger person by her journey of self discovery. By the end, she deserved Matt, even if he didn't quite agree with that. And that fact made me sad for Matt. He has such a hard time seeing his own self worth.

I liked it and definitely recommend it, but that recommendation comes with a first Elizabeth is really hard to take. She has no sense of fun or adventure and is completely straightlaced and rigid. But give her a chance. Give Matt a chance to show her how to find her true self. In the end I loved what and who she became and loved the two of them together. They are good influences on one another and they need that support since neither one has ever really had that before. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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