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Prickly By Nature by Kenzie Cade and Piper Vaughn

Title: Prickly by Nature
Author: Kenzie Cade and Piper Vaughn 
My Rating: B+

Genre: Paranormal Romance (m/m)
Series: Portland Pack Chronicles #2
Main Characters: Avery and Dylan
Release Date: November 2015
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
In the four months since hedgehog shifter Avery Babineaux started investigating the disappearance of a young female werewolf from the Portland Pack, he’s discovered his life’s passion. Now he’s apprenticing under established PI Corbin Reid. Avery hopes his training with Reid will help him finally bring Lacey home, but detective work isn’t without its perils, and the potential dangers strain his relationship with his new mate, Dylan.

Dylan Green would be perfectly content with his mating and his motorcycle shop if it wasn’t for his constant worry about Avery’s safety and the fact that Avery’s never home. Proud as he might be of Avery’s determination to prove his worth and fulfill his promise to Lacey’s father, Dylan can’t stand the thought of Avery being hurt. Yet what right does he have to demand Avery give up his job when it’s clear Avery’s found his true purpose? Still, Dylan wishes he could, and the appearance of a new police detective who sets his sights on Avery only adds to the tension.

Something has to give, but stubbornness runs in both their veins, and it might take a catastrophe for them to find a compromise they can live with.
My Review:
I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment of this book which is always a worry when it comes to a second book featuring the same couple. Sometimes it's hard to maintain that same quality of story line into the second and subsequent books. For this series that was especially true just because the conflict between the two MC's was their inherent differences that kept them apart. But the authors used those differences brilliantly in this book to maintain the same style of conflict without compromising the quality and depth of commitment between these two characters. That isn't an easy balance to all.

In this book, Dylan and Avery are making their relationship work...for the most part. Dylan still has issues with wanting to protect Avery from everything, while Avery still has issues wanting to handle everything for himself. What makes this work for them is Dylan's very real commitment to making them work...and I'll admit this relationship is a bit one-sided in that willingness to compromise. I loved Dylan for that. He compromises with Avery to keep Avery happy. Although Avery makes compromises, too, a lot of his compromises are less thought out than Dylan's. Dylan makes a concerted effort day in and day out to curb his protective, alpha tendencies with Avery. Once again, I loved Dylan and his ability to see what his mate needs. He is so much why this relationship works for me as a reader. I love seeing his level of commitment. 

And although Avery is just as in love with Dylan as Dylan is with him, he just isn't used to thinking about someone else. As a hedgehog shifter, Avery is used to tackling everything himself. That group (pack) mentality that Dylan automatically has doesn't come into play for Avery. As a result, a lot of the time he doesn't realize just how much his actions are hurting Dylan until after the fact and then he feels awful. Avery approaches their relationship differently and while it isn't wrong, it makes things feel like Dylan is getting the short end of the relationship a lot of the time.

I like watching the constant push and pull between the two of them while they try to figure out how to make this all work. Let's face it, who would consider a mating between a wolf and a hedgehog? They are wildly different and that makes their approaches to life wildly different. I thoroughly enjoy the way the authors have done that with their characters. It makes for a really interesting dichotomy.

There a lot of side stories happening in the background of this book. Some of them are resolved, but several of them are not. All of them were really interesting and I'm so hoping that means we have several more books coming from this series. There are so many really interesting characters in this pack and I need all of Dylan and Avery's friends to find their HEA's too. From Lucas and the mystery happening in his life to Jaden's really messed up mate. I'm ready for another book announcement for this series. I just hope it comes really quickly. (And I don't think I could ever get tired of Avery/Dylan stories, and with the set up of Avery's PI business, they could continue on for a lot of books.)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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