Monday, November 9, 2015

Falling for Her Enemy by Victoria James

Title: Falling for Her Enemy
Author: Victoria James 
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Still Harbor #2
Main Characters: Alex and Hayden
Release Date: November 2015
Publisher: Entangled
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
She’s falling for the one man who could destroy everything…

Alex McAllister always dreamed of a life filled with the laughter and love of a family, but being abandoned at a young age left her wary of letting anyone in. Now that she’s settled in Still Harbor, Alex struggles between keeping her distance and the magnetic pull of the handsome stranger who claims he’s the biological father of her adopted daughter.

Hayden Brooks never wanted to be a father. Long hours spent building his family’s real estate empire suits him just fine. But when he discovers an ex put the baby he unknowingly fathered up for adoption, his world crumbles. He tracks the child to Still Harbor with the intention of bringing her home—and comes face to face with his daughter’s stunning adoptive mother. 

The paternity test is in. And Hayden’s about to make the most shocking decision of his life, just in time for Christmas… 

My Review:
I have never read this author before, but she has a new fan. I loved this book so much. 

Alex is a single mom who in a single week has had all her dreams threatened. She's been on the five-year savings plan to buy the bakery she works at, but suddenly the owner has to sell early. And her one joy in life is her adoptive daughter...who's supposed birth father has shown up to claim paternity.

Hayden is a hard-working multi-millionaire. He's spent his life trying to make up for a mistake he made when he was too young. So when a woman comes to him to tell him that she gave their baby up for adoption 6 years ago, he plans to become a father to that little girl...without much thought of what it will do to the woman who's adopted and loved her for the last 6 years. But it's not that Hayden is unfeeling...far from it. It's just he has to be part of his child's life, but his life is elsewhere. He's very cognizant to the fact that both mother and child will need visitation to make this transition work. What he doesn't count on is falling as much for the mother as he does the child. 

Seriously, this was just the perfect holiday romance. The story set-up was perfect and heartwarming. Tons of heartstrings being tugged in the middle of incredible small town picturesque life and snowfall. No one in this book is the bad guy. It's so easy to see from all sides of it, which made my heart twist for the characters just that much more. 

I loved the backstory between the three "sisters" and their three daughters. I need to go back and read book #1 now and am anxiously awaiting #3. It's just a great feel-good book and set within the middle of the Christmas season, it's one that I can definitely recommend to make you feel happier and better as you go into the magic that is the holidays. The romance is phenomenal in the middle of this heart wrenching conflict.

And let's just take a moment to note the perfection that is that cover. Honestly in my viewpoint, this is simply the PERFECT holiday cover. I love it so, so much. Everything about it...the snow, the couple where he's carrying her, the colors. So much LOVE! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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