Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sugar on Top by Marina Adair (audiobook)

Title: Sugar on Top
Author: Marina Adair
My Rating: A
Narrator: Chelsea Hatfield

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Sugar, Georgia #2
Main Characters: Glory and Cal
Release Date: April 2015
Publisher: Forever
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
From the author of the nationally bestselling St. Helena Vineyard series and the Heroes of St. Helena series comes a sexy new book from Marina Adair set in Sugar, Georgia...

She's sassy and sweet...

The last thing Glory Mann wants is to become chairman of the Miss Peach Pageant in Sugar, Georgia. Spending months hearing nothing but the clinking of pearls and judgment? No thank you! But when Glory is forced to take the rap for a scandal she didn't commit, the judge sentences her to head the committee. Even worse, her co-chairman is rugged, ripped . . . and barely knows she's alive.

He's ready and willing...

Single dad Cal McGraw can't take any more drama in his life. After a difficult divorce, his little girl became a boy-crazy teenager and his hands are full. The last thing he needs is to spend his down time with the town bad girl. Glory is pure trouble--tempting and tantalizing trouble. But he can't deny the strong chemistry between them-or how her touch turns him inside out. Now as squabbles threaten to blow up the contest and the town of Sugar itself, Cal must risk everything on the sexy wild card to get a second chance at love.

My Review:
Overall.... 4.25
Performance... 4.25

Story.... 4.25

Aww, I loved Glory. about a girl who's managed to get the short end of the stick in everything, but still perseveres! Now, this was a character I could cheer for and get behind. She is so strong to stay in this town where she's overwhelmingly judged and condemned...for a bit of nothing she did (a kiss and only a kiss) at the age of 17. 

I really felt for Cal, too. He's stuck...with his hormonal 14 yo daughter, with the expectations from his friends, with the pressures from his ex-wife and from this (fairly backward) small town. (I really don't like this town as a whole...their small-minded views make me so angry in every one of these books. The Sugar Peaches should be completely dissolved!)

And in this book, the addition of 14 yo Peyton was great. I loved how Glory handled her...and felt so bad for how over-protective Cal is of her. Although I did have to laugh every time he got so over the top. This is definitely a guy who'd greet the dates with a shotgun...literally. 

I liked this one better than the first and am definitely looking forward to more of the Sugar, Georgia novels. What is the history between Charlotte and Jase? And you can't tell me that there aren't serious vibes between Jackson and Spencer. My only real complaint about this book is that the true history of what happened between Glory and the high school teacher never came out. I wanted her to be able to rub Jackson's face in it after his treatment of her at the beginning. I don't think I've ever wanted to throttle a future hero in the series this much. Marina Adair has her work cut out for her for me to like him again. 

This is a great only issue is that she doesn't have enough range for different men's voices. They all tend to sound the same, but I love her southern drawls and just about everything else she does with this series.

This is definitely a book and series that I recommend. The audiobooks have been wonderful. I have a reviewer's ARC of book #3, but I have to admit to being a little bit sad that I'm going to read that one rather than get to enjoy another audiobook for this series. Maybe I'll do both...

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