Friday, September 11, 2015

In Bed with Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert (audiobook)

Title: In Bed with Mr. Wrong
Author: Katee Robert
My Rating: B
Narrator: Ellory James

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Out of Uniform #1
Main Characters: Brianne and Ryan 
Release Date: January 2014
Publisher: Entangled
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

The blind date from hell is about to get hotter…

Brianne Nave is never doing her friends a favor again. When they begged her to go on a blind date, she didn’t expect someone so perfectly gorgeous. She’s a mousy librarian—totally not in this man’s league. And judging by his odd reaction when she opens the door, he knows it, too.

Air Force Pararescuer Ryan Flannery avoids his hometown at all costs. He’s not thrilled about the date until he’s shocked silent by the prickly little librarian’s sweet curves and kissable lips…and her smart mouth. But then an argument leads to a kiss that spirals out of control. How can two people have so little chemistry outside the bedroom when they fit together so perfectly in it?

When their friends strand them in a cabin to "work things out," Bri’s not sure whether to kill him or put the industrial-sized box of condoms they find to use. Bottom line—Ryan’s career military and hates the tiny town she loves. He’ll leave, just like everyone else in her life. And if she’s foolish enough to give him her heart, he’ll take it with him.

My Review:
Overall: 3.5
Performance: 3.75
Story: 3.5

Audible/Entangled were running a special on their companion audiobooks to their kindle editions and this is one that I picked up because of that special. I liked listening to it in audio, because if I waited to read the kindle edition in my kindle TBR pile of around 800 books, I probably would have never gotten around to it. 

This book holds a fun story about two people who truly do not get along with one another. Ryan is an Air Force PJ and Brianne is a librarian. They're set up on a blind date by mutual friends and it goes incredibly badly in a series of just bad incidences of eavesdropping and circumstances. But their friends aren't willing to give up. They know these two are perfect for one another despite all appearances. So they set out to fix things. And that's where this book gets really good. 

I loved the story once Ryan and Brianne were trapped at the cabin. From the stashes of condoms EVERYWHERE to the way they slowly began to connect in ways more than sexually, this book was pure fun to read (or listen to, as the case may be). 

I'll admit I had no idea how the author was going to end this book so there could truly be a HEA. That's one of Brianne's issues with Ryan. She loves this small town she's adopted. He hates it and refuses to even consider coming back here. On top of that, he's a military man who puts himself in front of danger on a daily basis. Brianne has already lost too much to lose a lover, too. It's better just to not put in the effort with him. 

It was a good book/audio. It's not a super-long one so it's not a huge commitment of time. The narrator did a fabulous job. I recommend it and I'll tell you, if you can buy the kindle the audio is usually offered at a really good discount that makes it worth it. If you're interested, that's the route I recommend. 

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