Thursday, August 27, 2015

Running Wild by Susan Andersen

Title: Running Wild
Author: Susan Andersen
My Rating: A-

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Sisterhood Diaries #4
Main Characters: Mags and Finn
Release Date: August 2015
Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
They can't escape the heat… 

Magdalene Deluca isn't the damsel-in-distress type. But if she has to involve a stranger in a dangerous chase through South America, she's glad Finn Kavanagh's the guy she sucked into her problems. Very glad. The man oozes sex and magnetic confidence. And since their connection is steamier than the sultry rain forest, why waste time resisting him?

Finn's peaceful vacation is blown to bits the second Mags strides into view. For years he's ignored his family's pleas to settle down. Now he's falling hard for a blonde force of nature who's allergic to commitment. First he has to keep Mags safe as they search for her missing parents. Then they can determine if it's time to stop running—and take a chance on the wildest thrill he's ever known…
My Review:
I really enjoyed this book. It's action packed from page one and was just one of those reads that full of adventure and adrenaline-fueled escape that's fun to read and imagine. 

The entire book takes place in the Amazonian jungle as Finn and Mags are on the run from cartel thugs trying to capture her. There's a whole layer of story here about families and what they mean to people. Finn has come to the Amazon to escape his huge and, many times, overwhelming family. Mags is there to save her parents...the only family she has, but they basically turned her out at the age of 13. She's incredibly envious of Finn's family, and he just doesn't get that.

Like I said, the book was a fun non-stop adventure. I love that Mags is a make-up artist and how that played into their ability to hide and blend into the crowd. She's a strong person and has spent her life fighting against the world and her own insecurities. But I also loved that Finn just jumps into help her without any regard for his own danger or plans. They also worked in that Mags spent the first 13 years of her life here so even though she's blonde and fair-skinned, she knows how to blend in. For Finn, he has the technical know-how and gear. He came outfitted for backpacking so a trek across the Amazonian jungle is no big thing. They have the right equipment for it.

Simply put, the book was fun and if you like a bit of jungle romantic suspense, I recommend it. There were a few moments when I had to suspend a bit of disbelief, but I managed to overlook those details and simply enjoy the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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