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Kneel, Mr. President by Lauren Gallagher

Title: Kneel, Mr. President
Author: Lauren Gallagher
My Rating: A+

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/m/f)
Series: -
Main Characters: James, Carlene, and Kent
Release Date: June 2015
Publisher: Samhain
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Sworn to have their lover’s back, front, or any other side that needs covering. 

Secret Service agent Kent Sinclair, head of POTUS security, thought himself prepared for every contingency. Until the First Lady—a woman who barely tolerates his presence—approaches him with a request that startles the hell out of him.

Carlene Broderick is frightened. With the weight of the country and impending war on his shoulders, her husband, James, is buckling under the strain. The key to helping him cope is the name he calls out in his sleep—and it’s not hers. It belongs to his fellow ex-SEAL team buddy. His ex-lover. Kent.

Without hesitation, Kent plunges into treacherous emotional territory, only to realize it’s not really him that James needs. The Commander in Chief needs to give up complete control in the bedroom.

To relieve that much pressure, Kent and Carlene must work together and declare a truce that rapidly heats up into something more. Something that leaves James caught deep in forbidden territory—torn between his beloved wife and the man he’s never stopped loving.

Warning: Contains three forty-somethings discovering whole new sides of themselves, a rejuvenated marriage, and plenty of kinky fun. All brought to you by an ex-SEAL in a wetsuit, a bisexual President, and a First Lady with a tattoo on her ass.

My Review:
If there was ever a perfect menage/bdsm book, this may just be it. I loved this story. This book is truly about James, ex-navy SEAL and now the President of the US. He's been married to Carlene for 10 years and has been the President for 2 of those and she can see that he's buckling under the stress and strain.

It's been well-documented how much being the President ages the man in office, so I loved how Lauren Gallagher used that to set the premise of this story. In the book, Kent and James have been friends forever. They were in the SEALs together and although they were sometimes lovers, they were always friends. Both men are bi-sexual, but totally have NOT been sexually involved with one another since James married Carlene. But Carlene knows their history, sees her husband's over the top stress, and knows he calls out for Kent in the night. She knows he needs something different or else he's not going to survive the next two years. She approaches Kent, who's the head of James' personal secret service detail with a desperate idea...one that may end up being devastating for all three of them. Because although they aren't together, it's no doubt that James and Kent still have very deep, very real feelings for one another. 

This story was SO WELL DONE! BDSM subs like to hand the control over to someone else and it's brilliant that Lauren Gallagher saw that as a perfect means for the President to let off steam. But beyond the whole 'most powerful man in the world' aspect in this story, there are also three very real people who are terrified of being hurt. This relationship is not the norm and all them are very well aware that it's probably going to end badly. But they are all willing to do what it takes for James to be able to cope without falling over dead from a heart attack. I loved how the author wrote their doubts and problems. It felt very real and true. 

The set-up was brilliant, the characters were incredibly complex and the story was gorgeous. There were moments that made me smile (safe word: Republican....LOL) and so many moments when I just wanted to cry for the trauma they are all going through. But in the end it was a gorgeously romantic story filled with super-sexy moments. I love, love, LOVED it and HIGHLY recommend it. Two super-sexy SEALs and a First Lady doing whatever it takes to make her husband a better man...there was so much to love. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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