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Can't Fight This Feeling by Christie Ridgway

Title: Can't Fight This Feeling
Author: Christie Ridgway
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Series: Cabin Fever #3
Main Characters: Brett and Angelica
Release Date: June 2015
Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Welcome back to charming Blue Arrow Lake as temptation sizzles in a glittering new romance from USA Today bestselling author Christie Ridgway... 

Blue-collar landscaper Brett Walker has no interest in the Hollywood vacationers flocking to his hometown in the California mountains. But the scarred ex-soldier does have a duty to protect Blue Arrow Lake—and the family ski resort—from a serial burglar. So when he suspects a break-in, he takes action…and ends up catching sinfully tempting down-on-her-luck heiress Angelica Rodriguez. She reminds him of trouble, but he can't deny her a safe place to stay—in one of his cabins. 

Angelica has plenty of reasons to distrust—losing her money to her father's legal woes being one of them. Getting up close and naughty with rough, tough and sexy Brett tempts her out of her comfort zone and into the arms of a man who's not from her wealthy world. She's after safety and he's chasing justice, but the fire between them might reveal that all they want is each other.

My Review:
Overall, I've enjoyed this entire series. It's the story of four siblings who've inherited a mountain resort...this is my kind of setting. In this mountain community, the locals are leery of the flat-landers, which is what Angelica is.

Angelica is the pampered daughter of a man who's been convicted of financial crimes. Suddenly she finds herself locked out of her home, and her father has emptied out all her accounts of HER money that she earned modeling. Immediately, I felt empathy for her character. It doesn't take long before she's sleeping in her car, but she's willing to work. 

Brett doesn't trust Angelica...or anyone for that matter. He's upfront with all his more. But with her, he can sense that she needs help and his innate need to protect comes to the forefront, whether he wants it to or not. 

While I enjoyed this book and I really loved the setting, I wasn't riveted. Honestly my favorite part of the story was the mystery of Zan...I'm so ready for that book. I loved the glimpses of romance that we get to see between Mac and him. I also loved the side romance between Kyle and Grace...I really could have dealt with them as the main couple as there seemed to be a little more sexual tension to their story than we got with Brett and Angelica. But it's not that I didn't like their story. It just wasn't as suspense filled as it could have been. There's also a bit of a mystery to the story that was disappointing in that it was so least to me...and I never figure out who did it or why.

The book was enjoyable. No, it wasn't the best in the series, but they can't all be that. I liked the story and the characters and the setting. And I loved getting to see the characters from the first story. Now, bring on Zan and Mac...I NEED to know more!

Note: Although I think that cover is beautiful, it's so not right for this story. This is a book set in the fall, on the cusp of winter. It's an issue because the heroine knows that if she's going to stay in town she has to get a new car for the coming snow. The cover should reflect that. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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