Monday, March 16, 2015

The Risk by Skye Jordan

Title: The Risk
Author: Skye Jordan
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Xtreme Heroes #1
Main Characters: Julia and Noah
Release Date: March 2015
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
From New York Times bestselling author Skye Jordan, Xtreme Heroes is a brand new series featuring super-hot extreme athletes.
The Risk (Xtreme Heroes, Book 1)
Former Olympian turned physical therapist to the elite Julia Bailey knows all about pushing the limits. But when a sexual harassment suit costs her a dream job—not to mention her reputation—she takes on the biggest risk of her life. Rehabilitating the X Games’ most notorious bad boy might be just what she needs to secure the funds for her own treatment center. Problem is, the only kind of recovery her new client is interested in is under-the-covers freestyle—gear optional. 
Daredevil snowboarder Noah Hunt is a rock star—on and off the slopes. A recent accident might have him down, but he’s far from out. He doesn’t care what the sexy therapist with the sweet curves says. He’s got sponsors to impress and trophies to collect, and taking things slow and steady just ain’t his style. A little dirty talk and a sizzling night later, Julia learns just how fast and hard he likes to play. Too bad for him, his heart goes all in, and one wrong move could cost him more than just his career.
My Review:
This book was just so, so good. I made a mistake the day I read it though. I get about 10 minutes at my daughter's school to read in the morning. The particular day I read this book, I was under a serious deadline with my own writing, but I knew I wouldn't get so far into my reading that I couldn't set it aside until I had my work done. I was so, so wrong. I spent the rest of the day reading and completely ignored my own deadline. Yes, this book is that good. I loved every single little bit about it. 

This is a new series and I love the set-up of it...Xtreme Heroes. The first Xtreme hero is Noah, an Xgames snowboarder who broke his ankle 4 months before and isn't recovering the way that he should. That's where Julia comes in. She's a physical therapist with lots of skeletons in her closet that she's trying to keep from affecting her life now. But Noah is Xtreme...he doesn't know how to back down to a challenge and Julia is definitely that. I loved their chemistry and the way that their story developed.

Julia has learned the hard way that the only person she can count on with her career is herself. Both her career and her mental well-being have taken blows from past relationships and she's not willing to go there again. I loved how tough and driven this girl is. She's been knocked down time after time, but refuses to stay down.

And can I just an author, Skye Jordan BLOWS ME AWAY. Julia is a physical therapist handling a very serious injury. I can't imagine the research that had to go into this because the factual information about all those minute details are in this book. And yeah, that sounds really boring, but Skye Jordan employs those little details in tiny little pieces so you can see how authentic all the information is without getting total information overload.

The book is smart and sexy and I promise you, it will engage you from the very beginning. This is the way good romance should be written. I highly recommend this one. And a huge bonus...the book takes place in Tahoe during winter so the mental visuals are breathtaking. I loved that aspect of this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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