Monday, March 9, 2015

Tempest by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

Title: The Tempest
Author: Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense (m/m)
Series: Playing the Fool #3
Main Characters: Mac and Henry
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Something wicked this way comes.

FBI Agent Ryan “Mac” McGuinness and con man Henry Page are on the run again. This time they’re headed back to where it all began: Altona, Indiana. Population: some goats. Henry’s not happy about lying low at the McGuinness family farm, but they’ve got nowhere else to go.

While Mac fights to clear his name and Henry struggles with whose side he’s really on, a ghost from the past threatens to destroy everything. And those aren’t the only storms on the radar. Cut off from both sides of the law, Mac and Henry must rely on their tenuous partnership to survive.

If Henry can convince himself to let Mac see the man behind the disguises, they’ll stand a chance of beating the forces that conspire against them. The course of true love never did run smooth, but for the two of them, it might be their only hope.

My Review:
Aww, this has been a great series. Mac 'n Cheese...I do love Mac and Henry and they are most definitely one of the most unlikely couples around, but their romance works. 

This book had them at Mac's home hiding out from the FBI while they worked together to clear Mac's name since he's being framed for multiple crimes including murder. There are some difficult things that happen in this book. Henry...once again, this guy just needs a good hug and serious long streak of freaking good luck. 

This book brought the end to the suspense line for the series, too. And I'll admit...I had no idea who the bad guy was but after all was revealed, it made total sense. I love when an author can twist things around so brilliantly like that.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this series before it came out. The covers and titles were a bit odd, but I love the way that they tie into the stories and the Shakespearean overlay/slant to everything. (Henry grew up with his mother sharing her love for Shakespeare which is the one positive remembrances in his life. He looks to Shakespeare's plays to guide him in his crazy world.) But the series was so good and I absolutely fell in love with these characters. Mac, who's always trying to be good with his diet. Henry who rambles incessantly and cheerfully when he's nervous. They are so good together even though Henry has moments of huge doubt about whether he can be good enough for Mac. It's hard to get past living a life of crime. 

There's also a great supporting cast of characters...Mac's parents and niece, Viola and her sweet observations that have an adult slant even with her immature ability to process things. There's Val and the entire crew from Mac's FBI office...I love how they embrace Henry and try to protect both of them. And then Stacy, Remy, and Jo... These two guys are so different, but they both have this incredible support system who try to protect them. I like how they all embraced this relationship by the end. I wasn't sure that was actually going to happen for some of them. 

I'm not sure where the story goes from here. The end of the book said, 'for now,' so I'm really hoping that we get to see more of Mac and Cheese in the future.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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