Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dark Water: Beaming Smile by Kevin James Breaux

Title: Dark Water: Beaming Smile
Author: Kevin James Breaux
My Rating: B+

Genre: Horror
Release Date: October 2011
Publisher: Hellfire Pub
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Story Overview:
Sarah should have left Montgomery County when she had the chance, but now it's too late. She is trapped on the rooftop of her family home which is almost completely submerged by dark flood waters. The air smells of a mixture of sewage and mold and it’s still raining. Alone with only her thoughts Sarah is mad she did not leave town years ago when she was right out of high school, before she became the one things she dreaded most; her mother.

Haunted by the reoccurrence of an eerie thumping sound, Sarah is startled when she discovers a large hairy animal, almost the size of a cow, brushing against the corner of her house. What is it? Where did it come from? What other horrors are hiding in the dark water?

My Review:
I'll be honest. Horror is NOT my thing, but supporting authors is, so I had bought this book simply to support the author. I honestly figured I'd never read it and that's okay. I have over a thousand books in my TBR pile. I have plenty to read. 

But today I was reading a book that was the exact OPPOSITE of this one (erotic romance) and that book is good, but I have to sometimes take those in smaller doses, so I needed a break. I knew this was short, so decided to give it a try. It was the PERFECT solution for my reading break from my other book, because this book was really, really good. 

The book takes place on Sarah's roof and immediately I felt empathy for her. Wow, I could not imagine that situation as she's watching the flood waters flow around her two story house...almost to the roofline. But this is a horror book, so you know something else is going on, right? There were two twists to this story. One I saw coming. The other...I had no clue and I literally gasped when it revealed (which totally freaked out my 7 yo reading her book beside me...LOL.)

This is a short novel, but it's extremely well written and riveting. If you like your horror with a bit of a spookier ambience and a serious level of anticipation, I recommend it. For me, it was the perfect levels of creepy vs. I just really NEEDed to know what exactly happened in those hours leading up to the flood. 

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