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Something in the Heir by Jenny Gardiner

Title: Something in the Heir
Author: Jenny Gardiner
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: It's Reigning Men #1
Main Characters: Adrian and Emma
Release Date: December 2014
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
He’s a prince with a problem, she’s a commoner with a getaway plan. 

Modern-day Prince Adrian of Monaforte has a most old-fashioned problem: his demanding mother wants him wed to her best friend’s daughter, the hard-partying Serena. When his refusal falls on deaf ears, Adrian decides it’s time for him to slip away from his gilded cage and figure out his life, all on his own. As luck would have it, event photographer Emma Davison, weary of a revolving door of lost-cause men and tired of her outsider-looking-in career, is in need of her own escape clause, just in time to help a wayward prince in need. And she soon discovers that sometimes a girl’s gotta sweep a prince off his feet. 

For any girl that’s ever held out hope that some day her prince would come…or better yet, hoped that some day she’d come to him. 

My Review:
This is a book that is just as fun as that super-cute cover. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a good cover and I loved this one which immediately caught my attention. 

This book is every girl's fantasy growing a handsome prince and fall desperately in love. But it isn't Emma's fantasy...not anymore. She's met a few too many frogs and simply doesn't believe in happily-ever-afters anymore. But that hasn't changed the fact that she's simply a nice person. So when the prince begs for her help to aid him in disappearing for a few days, she can't tell him no. 

Overall this was a cute story. Emma has diarrhea of the mouth which is a bit over the top at times, but she's quirky and just a normal girl. So she doesn't know what to do with the gorgeous prince that she's suddenly found herself with. That in itself made for a cute story line. Aidan is avoiding his mother and the marriage she's trying to push him into. He desperately needs to grow a pair, but overall I enjoyed his character and how charmed he finds himself by Emma. I also really enjoyed his encounters with his friend, Darcy.

I should note that there were several times at around the 60-65% point when I considered DNF'ing this book. But there were very specific reasons for that. I'm an author and there are rules when you write fiction that are pretty much non-negotiable for all editors out there. Overuse of cliche phrases is one (which the character, Emma, LOVES to do) and head-hopping between the unspoken, mental ramblings of the characters is another. These are both huge issues in this book...BUT...and this is a big but. I didn't want to stop reading. I needed to know what happened to these characters. I planned to just write the review and give it 3 *'s but then the last 25% of the book happened and the author seemed to hit her stride which stepped the book back up to 4 *'s. So, yes, the book has flaws, but I liked it anyway and enjoyed *most* of my time reading it. 

If you can get past that and have that little girl fantasy of a prince sweeping into  your life to fall in love with the normal girl living somewhere in the back of your psyche from childhood, then you probably will enjoy this book. It's light and entertaining. There were certainly several times when I laughed out loud because of the antics of the characters. I didn't see where the story was going to end up (besides the obvious because it is a romance so there has to be an HEA somehow in there). I loved the last 25% of the book. Who knows...I may even be up for checking out Darcy's story which is book #2 in this series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. 

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