Thursday, January 22, 2015

Barracuda's Heart by Jayne Rylon

Title: Barracuda's Heart
Author: Jayne Rylon
My Rating: B

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/m)
Series: Hot Rods #6
Main Characters: Roman and Carver
Release Date: December 2014
Publisher: Samhain
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Roman knows he’s been an asshole. But the toughest of all the Hot Rods has been through hell. Carver has always sensed when Roman’s on the verge of falling into the pit of his inner darkness, and pulled him back with his endless laughter.

The two guys have messed around with women plenty, but never anyone serious. Until the gang of mechanics started exploring the complex relationship that Roman realizes right away they’d been destined for. Part of him is pissed. He might get what he’s always secretly wanted—Carver, submitting to him in a kinky BDSM relationship—but it might not be exactly like he had fantasized about. Sharing isn’t his strong suit.

After months of struggling with their new reality, he finally breaks down and confesses to one of the visiting members of The Crew who helps him understand that everything is fair in love. Even playing for keeps.

Now all Roman has to do is convince Carver that he’s man enough to replace a whole host of lovers. And maybe be willing to make some compromises. Because after all, he enjoys watching and bonding with the rest of the Hot Rods too. Together they find their own way of loving and living within the group, which accepts them unconditionally. And always will, no matter how they decide their relationship works best

My Review:
This may be book #6 in this series, but this is the first that I've read from it. While the book worked as a stand-alone, I don't think I'd recommend it. This series features a huge cast of characters and all of them have a real name and a nickname which were both used throughout the story. As a result, when the story was in a group setting, I never knew who they were talking about. It was very confusing. 

What did work for me in the story though was the relationship between Carver and Roman. These are two very angst-y characters and I loved the passion and emotion between them. The story begins with Carver rushing Roman to the ER after he's completely hit rock bottom. The rest of the story is about their recovery apart and together and finding their way back to stable ground. I love a good angsty read so this one worked really well for me in that regard.

I liked these two guys. They're very open with one another where it comes to their emotions between them. It's all the other stuff that is harder for them...but they are both very aware that things have to change for both their mental well-being. And after the trauma of the past few months, they are both on really shaky ground...trying to be strong for one another, but dealing with some incredibly hard emotional turmoil at the same time. Because they were so dedicated to each other it was easy to fall in love with their characters and really want everything to work out for them. 

And while the majority of the book did work for me...I wasn't real sure about some of the final scenes. I think the issues with Quinn were resolved entirely too easily...even in a fictional world. I can suspend disbelief to a certain extent...but there were just too many obstacles happening there for it all to be tied up in a neat little bow at the end. And then the final group scene...maybe because I haven't read the whole series to understand the group dynamic...but I just didn't get the point of why EVERYONE had to be involved...*shrugs shoulders*. It didn't bother me...I just didn't see the need for it to that extreme.

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