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Under His Nose by Candice Gilmer

Title: Under His Nose
Author: Candice Gilmer
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Guys and Godmothers #1
Main Characters: Roark and Stephanie
Release Date: July 2013
Publisher: Samhain
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
"All it takes is faith, trust, and fairy dust. A swift kick never hurts, either. "

"Guys and Godmothers, Book 1"

Christy is due for retirement from her fairy godmother gig, but she agrees to take one last case. Helping Roark Turner find his perfect girl shouldn t be much of a challenge after all, she is a veteran fairy godmother.

What makes this case interesting? She must use as little magic as possible to bring Roark his much-desired Happily Ever After.

Roark s perfect match is his best friend Stephanie Bowers. It should be simple to bring two people together who have been best friends since kindergarten, and let their free will take its course. It probably would have been, too, if Cupid hadn t started shooting arrows into Roark, forcing the mortal to fall in love.

Now Christy must use every skill at her command just not her magic to thwart Cupid s meddling and get Roark and Stephanie together without changing their free will or ruining her perfect record. Or she ll never get her own Happily Ever After.

Warning: Magic, fairy godmothers, a rambunctious god, and two stubborn people who need a kick in the butt to see what s obviously meant to be.

My Review:
Friends-to-lovers with a bit of fairy godmother magic thrown in? Yeah, this book was fun. 

Stephanie and Roark have been best friends forever, despite their very different backgrounds. Roark's family runs a very successful perfume business where he is the "nose." Stephanie's mom is from the wrong side of the tracks and she's grown up with a bitter, disenchanted mother. Despite that difference, they've always been the best of friends which comes in handy since Stephanie is a wedding planner and often needs Roark as a stand-in date. And their two businesses work together too...perfumes and's a good match. 

But the book begins with Roark and two of his single friends at their fourth friend's wedding. The guys all state that they are ready for that...they all want the wife, family, home, and happiness that they see in their newly married friend. That wish goes out into the cosmos and three fairy godmothers are assigned to the trio. 

Stephanie and Roark are at the wedding as dates and suddenly he sees her in a way he's never looked at her a romantic possibility and is blown away by the idea. Stephanie has been in love with Roark forever, but she's the one who won't even consider the option of them becoming more. Her mother and this town have drilled into her that she isn't high enough status for Roark and she believes them. Besides it's really not worth the risk. She'd rather just have him as a friend than as nothing at all...that's not even an option. She doesn't want to lose him. 

I love a friends-to-lovers trope because nothing can compare of those years of compatibility. Because the fairy godmother belonged to Roark, it felt like we got to know him better in the story. He wants Stephanie so heart hurt for him when she continually turned him down. I also really liked how he and Christy became friends over the course of the book too. 

The entire set-up for the series is just fun. I've read this one and the last and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Now I just need to finish off the series with book #2...nothing like reading them all completely out of order. 

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