Saturday, September 20, 2014

NIght Owl by M. Pierce

Title: Night Owl
Author: M. Pierce
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Night Owl #1
Main Characters: Matt and Hannah
Release Date: July 2014
Publisher: St. Martins Griffin
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers -- all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent...

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah's picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that's passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.
My Review:
This was a book that I'd never heard of when I bought it (something that's pretty rare in my world surrounded by book reviews), but I was in a magnificent book store needing to buy something new...just because I live in the boondocks so when I get to go to a real bookstore, I HAVE to buy a book. The synopsis of the book totally fascinated me...two writers...oh yeah, this is a story that I can find myself getting lost in. 

And this book was good in so many surpisingly different ways. I don't know what I really expected going into it, but the book and the characters were so much MORE than I expected. The book switches back and forth between the POV's of the main characters, Hannah and Matt. They met online and have been doing a joint writing venture. It's supposed to be completely anonymous and it first. 

Hannah is 27 and just left her deadbeat boyfriend and is in the process of moving back home (into the basement) of her parent's house in Colorado. Matt is 28 and is the super-successful author, M. Pierce, although Hannah has no idea. On the surface, Hannah's life is falling apart while Matt has it all together. Matt is eccentric, controlling, and moody, but what all that is hiding is that he is a very fragile person trying to maintain the delicate balance on his mental state.

The anonymous nature of their relationship doesn't last long as Hannah moves close to where Matt lives and I loved the way Matt became obsessed with her. She has no idea, but then she's quickly drawn into Matt's incredible world. 

I don't even know how to explain this book. It's extremely erotic, but it's so much more than that. Matt breaks my heart over and over and that's before the true broken nature of his spirit is revealed. This may be a joint story, but it truly is all about Matt. As I read, I wanted to hug and hold him, even when he's being a totally unreasonable jerk...I can't imagine how hard all of it had to be on Hannah. 

And I truly love the writing slant to the story. You see a writer's life through the eyes of Matt and I'm excited to see where things go for Hannah with her new job. 

This is the start of a trilogy and I will say that the epilogue in this first book was rather shocking. I can't wait to see where the author (who interestingly enough IS M. Pierce) is taking us with this series. I've already pre-ordered book #2 which comes out at the end of October. 

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