Monday, August 4, 2014

Jumped by Colette Auclair

Title: Jumped 
Author: Colette Auclair
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Aspen Valley #2
Main Characters: Beth and Finn
Release Date: August 2014
Publisher: Pocket Star
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:

Thoroughly enjoying herself at her best friend Amanda’s wedding, Beth finds herself in an unexpected state of shock when she realizes she’s been seated next to her ex-husband, Finn, at the reception. Determined to not let this fluster her, Beth strikes up a conversation only to learn Finn isn’t the same man she walked away from.

Relieved the reception is over, Beth is looking forward to a relaxing weekend against the beautiful backdrop of sunny Aspen at Amanda and Grady’s estate. Little does she know Finn will be partaking in the weekend activities too. But just as Beth decides to keep as much distance between her and Finn as possible, Finn has a terrible accident and Beth is stuck being his bedside nurse.

Over the course of the weekend, Beth and Finn discover that the wounds of their failed marriage are not all that’s left. There are sparks…and hope. But just as they decide to give their relationship another try, Finn confesses a huge secret that could destroy everything he’s fought to get back—Beth, their relationship, and another chance at love.

Will Beth turn away, or will she take a leap of faith and say “I do” once (again) and for all?

My Review:
Something about this story really just struck a chord for me. Finn and Beth were married for a single year before they divorced five years ago. They haven't seen one another since. That changes at a friend's destination wedding that takes place in Aspen.

The book starts off in Beth's POV and stayed there for a good bit, so as the reader you knew all about how much she's thrown off by seeing Finn again. I was so relieved to switch to Finn's POV and see his inner turmoil, too. And while, as the reader, you are well aware by how confused they are by seeing one another again, it takes a good portion of the story to find out how exactly things fell apart between them. 

Colette Auclair did an amazing job with dragging that story line out and keeping the suspense and tension really high. I read this book at a Romance Writers convention and had a really hard time tearing myself away from my reading...a sure sign of a REALLY good book in the midst of all that activity centered around books and romance. 

But it wouldn't be much of a rekindling of a romance if it only took place over a weekend, so there's a bit more of a story to this one and I liked those twists. I have to admit to many giggles, also, over Finn's shopping purchases. I won't spoil it, but I will say that these added some really fun levity to the story and was a creative twist to the story that I really liked and giggled over. 

This is the second story in the series and everything that was good about the first book proved to be just as good the second time around. The hero and heroine from book #1 play heavily into this story, as do the same fabulous supporting characters. While you absolutely can read this book without having read the first, it was fun to see those characters again. I loved them the first time and they were even better the second time around. The book also features the gorgeous mountainous vistas of Aspen and the surrounding areas with the added benefit of mountain architecture since Finn is an architect. I loved that. 

Finn and Beth were great characters and their attraction and emotions were palpable throughout the story. There were a few minor glitches in the smoothness of the writing, but I could easily overlook that because I truly loved the characters and story so much. For me, Finn was the perfect guy...his depth of, I just REALLY loved him.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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