Friday, June 20, 2014

Game On by Tracy

Title: Game On 
Author: Tracy Solheim
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Out of Bounds #1
Main Characters: Carly and Shane
Release Date: May 2013
Publisher: Berkley
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
The only way to win is to score… 

With a reputation for fast moves on the gridiron and even faster moves off the field, Shane Devlin was a player in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, his bad-boy persona has made him a risky prospect as a quarterback, and only the Baltimore Blaze are willing to give him a chance. And he’s about to take a hit he never expected.

Working for the Blaze, Carly March knows too well how jocks think—and what they think with—so she’s always made a point of keeping them at arm’s length. But when she shares a kiss with the devilishly handsome Shane, she finds it hard to play by her own rules—and even harder to resist him.

Can a football hero and a business-minded beauty take it all the way? Or will their mutual attraction cost them the big game?

My Review:
Overall, I enjoyed reading this book while I was actually reading it. I liked the setting and the mix of characters and the overall set-up of the book worked for me. The writing was clean and very well done. This author knows how to create deep characters and story lines that flow extremely well. Not once did something take me out of the story. 

That being said, there were a few issues. 

Personally, I had problems with the hero. I could understand his issues and how there has to be a character arc/growth, but I felt like those issues with self-centeredness and being a total jerk went on for WAY TOO LONG. When they go on for that long, I have an issue believing the resolution at the end that happens in ten pages. Change...major character change...just doesn't happen where it will last for the long-term that quickly. And when his ego hurts a child that's when it's gone too far and I just can't like the guy anymore. I wanted to hurt him a bit. I don't care about his background...that was inexcusable and completely selfish. 

The other thing was that there was a TON of different things going on all within the story. None of them were bad story lines, but I just felt like it became too much. Both hero/heroine have parental/backstory family issues. There are ongoing problems (unrelated to the backstory issues) otherwise too for both these characters within their families...cancer, death, rebellious teens. They both are trying to do their jobs which clash with their relationship. There are past relationship scars to get past. Oh, and a stalker. Every story line seemed to be thrown into this book and it was just too much. These poor characters...seriously, talk about drama. 

But like I said...the writing was tight and the book was most definitely readable for me. Most of this I didn't even question (besides the heroes selfish actions) while reading the book. It's just looking back on the story that I began to question just how much was happening. Regardless, it is a good start to the series and I plan to read the next two in the series next. I think this author has a promising future with this one. 

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