Friday, May 16, 2014

On the Edge (audiobook) by Ilona Andrews

Title: On the Edge
Author: Ilona Andrews
My RatingB+
Narrated byRenee Raudman 

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Edge #1
Main CharactersRose and Declan
Release Date: September 2009
Publisher: Tantor Media
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Rose Drayton lives on the Edge, between the world of the Broken (where people drive cars, shop at Wal-Mart, and magic is a fairy tale) and the Weird (where blueblood aristocrats rule, changelings roam, and the strength of your magic can change your destiny). Only Edgers like Rose can easily travel from one world to the next, but they never truly belong in either. Rose thought if she practiced her magic, she could build a better life for herself. But things didn't turn out how she planned, and now she works a minimum wage, off-the-books job in the Broken just to survive.
Then Declan Camarine, a blueblood noble straight out of the deepest part of the Weird, comes into her life, determined to have her (and her power). But when a terrible danger invades the Edge from the Weird, a flood of creatures hungry for magic, Declan and Rose must work together to destroy them - or they'll devour the Edge and everyone in it.
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My Review:
Overall.... 4.0
Performance... 4.5

Story.... 4.0

What an interesting new world. There are three layers of reality in this paranormal setting....the Edge, the Weird, and the Broken. The Broken is our reality and the Weird is where magic reigns supreme. Rose lives in the middle, the Edge. 

Life is hard in the Edge for Rose. She has two young brothers who are just as magical as she that she is simply trying to keep housed, fed, and out of trouble... a task that is much harder than it sounds. Rose has learned the hard way that she can't trust anyone other than herself and her family. At an early age, she showed to have a special kind of's pure and something that all families want in their heredity. So the bluebloods...who live in the Weird...have tried to take her. By force and by coercion. It's never been about her...only her magic. 

Then along come two new men into the Edge...William and Declan...who both have appeal to her. But she certainly doesn't trust either of them or their motivations for approaching her, regardless of what they say. 

I like Rose...she is tough and is most certainly a fighter. It's exhausting to think about being her though. She can NEVER take anything at face value and that makes me so sad for her. She constantly has to look for hidden motives from everyone around her. 

But I also really loved both Declan and William. Declan is an interesting character just because his background as a blueblood makes him so clueless on a certain level. But he never looks down on Rose. In fact, he's very impressed by her and sees her strength. He wants to know about her world and will do all he can to fit in and fix what's broken there. William has a different vulnerability to him. I loved how he connected with Jack and actually both boys. He feels real...even though it's obvious he has doesn't feel like they are evil secrets ever. 

Then there are the boys...Jack and George. Still so little but having to act so much older than they should. I loved them and both their magical skills and the way those played into the story. My heart broke for George during the second challenge, but made for some powerful emotion in the book. 

Overall, this was a great intro into this world. I've already downloaded book #2 from my Audible account. I like that every book follows two different characters in this incredible world. 

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