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Christian by Andria Large

Title: Christian
Author: Andria Large
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m) 
Series: Beck Brothers #4
Main Characters: Christian and Shea
Release Date: July 2013
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Nothing scared Christian Beck more than his brothers finding out that he was gay. How could he ever tell his three big, buff, women-loving brothers that he was into dudes? What if they thought it was disgusting? What if they disowned him? He loved his brothers so much and couldn’t bear to lose them. 

His only problem? He was in love with his best friend, who was now his boyfriend. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this man. He hated having to hide their relationship, but what choice did he have? It was either hide his relationship or risk losing his family. 

Shea Dempsey’s life has been turned upside down and inside out. First, his parents and sister were killed a couple years back, leaving him without any blood relatives. Now, the one person who he considered his only family told him that he was in love with him. The only issue? It was his best friend Christian, who’s gay. So when Christian told him that they could no longer be friends, Shea made a decision that would forever change him. He decided to become Christian’s boyfriend, because honestly, he would do anything to keep his best friend, even if that meant switching teams. 

As their relationship became more involved, Shea realized that he really enjoyed being with men…okay, maybe not all men, but definitely Christian. But he didn’t want to hide what they had together. The only problem was that Christian would not budge on the subject and refused to tell his family about them. Shea didn’t know how long he could live in secret. Will their years of friendship and love for each other be enough? Or will the ultimatum that Shea gives Christian end everything for good?
My Review:
Okay, this is definitely a "gay-for-you" trope. Christian has been fighting feelings for Shea for a while, but Shea is straight. Although, Shea is the one to make the first move so he's been curious about Christian for a while...but only Christian. He knows that Christian is gay and that's made him wonder certain things about his best friend. When Christian tells Shea about his feelings and that it's killing him to just be friends, Shea accepts that and says that they should try the boyfriend thing and see if that works out for them. 

For Shea, he knows that he loves Christian...they've been best friends forever. This is just taking things one more step further...something that he's not opposed to because he trusts Christian. The other real component to this is that Shea's entire family died in a house fire a couple of years back. He's alone in this world now and the thought of losing Christian...well, that isn't even an option that he can consider. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There was a bit of "every emotional drama that could happen" being thrown into the book at the end, but even all that worked for me. I enjoy friend's to lovers and gay for you stories and this one had the added bonus that Shea is basically part of the entire Beck family. They know and love him just as much as they do Christian. 

I enjoyed Shea and Christian together and although there were moments where the story was a bit unbelievable, I felt like the author made it work overall. They had their really strong friendship that shone through the entire book. They did truly love each friends, and eventually as more. Shea just never really even considered it before. Once he did, it all fell into place and was the most natural thing in the world because they are so close. 

I liked the entire Beck clan, but whoa... those older brothers had moments where they could be truly cruel to Christian...seriously, the guy was having panic attacks because of them!?! But there were enough good moments between them that I want to go back and read all their stories now because I did like all of their characters. 

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