Monday, April 21, 2014

Wanting by Piper Vaughn

Title: Wanting
Author: Piper Vaughn
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Wanting #1
Main Characters: Jonah and Laurie
Release Date: January 2014
Publisher: Piping Hot Books
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Jonah Beckett has been in love with his older brother's best friend, Laurie, since he was thirteen-years-old. When his boyfriend, Dirk, breaks up with him for refusing to put out, Jonah uses his heartbreak over the situation as an excuse to ask Laurie to teach him all about sex before he starts college in the fall. Problem is, he made Dirk up, and Jonah has no idea what will happen when Laurie finally finds out the truth.

My Review:
I loved this little novella. It probably falls more accurately under the New Adult section because these are young guys (one just finished high school, the other is in college), but it didn't have the angst those books normally have. What it did have was a truly heartwarming, sweet, romantic story. This would be the perfect read while sitting at the edge of the lake one afternoon during the summer. It's one of those books that works in that setting and just leaves you with a feeling of peace and happiness. 

Jonah has crushed on his older brother's best friend, Laurie, for years. The summer before he goes to college, he comes up with a plan. He asks Laurie to take his virginity...under the guise of that he doesn't want to go to college as a virgin and he'd rather his first time be with someone he trusts. The truth is he just really wants to have sex with Laurie and he wants his first time to be Laurie and only Laurie. Laurie is actually okay with this... at least in theory. He's been aware of Jonah too, but this is his best friends little brother. There are boundaries with friendship that makes this a bit awkward. 

I enjoyed the way this all played out. I liked all the characters...even Marc, the older brother and friend. Like I said, it would make a great quick summer read. It's short, but I don't think it lacked for anything. There was great character and story development and I loved watching these guys' relationship develop. 

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