Tuesday, April 8, 2014

That Touch of Magic (audiobook) by Lucy March

Title: A Little Night Magic 
Author: Lucy March
My Rating: A+
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Magic #2
Main Characters: Stacy and Leo
Release Date: January 2014
Publisher: audible
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Stacy Easter has seen better days. Being a librarian is a labor of love—if only paying her bills were half as much fun. What’s a single, bookish beauty in sleepy Nodaway Falls, New York, supposed to do?

To make ends meet, Stacy decides to develop her special…powers. Everyone can use a touch of magic now and then, right? Soon she’s got clients lining up to receive her signature potions—until a few of them go awry. Meanwhile, her own life has just taken a storybook turn: Leo North, the official One Who Got Away, is back in town. 

Stacy’s best friends, Peach and Liv, are more concerned about the state of her heart than the side effects of a few rogue magic spells. But someone with dark intentions is crossing magical wires all over Nodaway Falls, and those closest to Stacy are at risk. Can Stacy conjure up a way out of this mess with her life—and maybe even her love life—intact?

My Review:
Overall... 5 star
Performance.... 5 star
Story... 5 star

Whoa, what an amazing, amazing book. Stacy and Leo...omg, they just broke my heart. There is so much incredible emotion in this book. Bravo, to Lucy March...you ROCKED the writing on this one!

Ten years ago, Stacy and Leo were completely and totally in love. Then he blew it. He got drunk and slept with someone else and ruined everything for both of them. When he told Stacy, she blew up. He left and decided to become a priest and never came back. Well now Stacy's brother, who just also happens to be best friends with Leo, is getting married to one of Stacy's best friends and Leo is back for the wedding...and NOT a priest. Stacy is devastated on so many fronts, but she still has her pride and is determined to never let him see it.

When Leo left, it devastated Stacy and she changed...and not necessarily for the better. She acted out and made choices. When those choices came out in the story, I literally was bawling. She has hurt so freaking much and works so hard so that no one ever sees it. She's tough and strong and just not the person you would think has all these incredible vulnerabilities. Seriously, I just wanted to curl up with her and give her a huge hug. And once she allowed Leo to see...bawling again. And the best thing about all that was how the author wrote it. If it had been up to Stacy, Leo would have never truly seen her pain and hurt, but she was willing to reveal that to help others. On the surface she's this selfish, shallow girl, but it's ALL just a ruse. Seriously, she's one of the most kind-hearted people willing to do WHATEVER it takes to save others who simply don't deserve anything...certainly not her sacrifice when they've been so awful to her.

And then there's Leo...he's so obviously still in love with her and so confused by why she won't even consider them anymore. He just doesn't get it and when he finally does, I fell in love with him. Throughout the entire book, little pieces of my heart broke off from page to page. I can't think of too many books where I was so emotionally shattered throughout the entire book for two characters. 

But at the same time, the book is fun and entertaining. I loved the magic element and how that all played into the story. Although I will admit, I wanted to kick Nick, Stacy's brother, towards the end of the book. How could he turn on Stacy like that? Another example of just how strong she's had to be despite EVERYONE in her life that should be supporting and helping her. 

This book was amazing. I enjoyed book #1 in this series and thought it was good, but this book so far surpassed that one. Seriously, so good!!! It absolutely works as a stand-alone and I HIGHLY recommend you read or listen to it. 

The audiobook is fabulous. I've listened to a lot of Amanda Ronconi's narrations before, but she reached new levels of perfection in this one. Every single emotion and character is so easily identifiable from her inflections and accents. I don't think I would have gotten near the enjoyment out of the book reading it as I did listening to it just because she injected so much emotion into the characters' voices. It was just an incredible audiobook!!!

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