Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Deadly Secrets (audiobook) by Jaycee Clark

Title: Deadly Obsession
Author: Jaycee Clark
My RatingA+
Narrated byJohanna Parker 

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Series: Deadly #5
Main CharactersQuinlan and Ella
Release Date: January 2004
Publisher: Tantor Media
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Bitter and resigned to a life alone, Quinlan Kinncaid swore he'd never marry-until the eccentric Ella Ferguson barged headlong into his life. But before he can trust his own feelings and build a new life with Ella, she's gone, and he's left with a secret so big he can't even bear to tell his own family.

Ella Ferguson is as independent as she is beautiful, and though she knows rich boys never last in the long run, she doesn't see the harm in a fling with Quinlan. After their amorous weekend threatens to become a lifelong commitment, she runs, figuring it's better to put Quin and her past behind her. Then Ella discovers a secret of her own, and telling Quin may rip both their worlds apart.

What neither of them realizes is that a malevolent man knows Ella's secret, and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Afraid for her life and more alone than ever, Ella must learn to forgive herself before she can beg the forgiveness of the one man who can save her. Now it's up to Quinlan to overcome his stubborn pride in time to save Ella and the only thing that matters.
My Review:
Overall.... 5.0
Performance... 5.0
Story.... 5.0
I thought book #4 in this series was going to be the best in the group. I was wrong. This book blew me away. And I completely ignored every single thing I needed to do in my life to read/listen to it because I absolutely could not pull myself away from this story. was just so good!!

This book is written completely different from the others as there are events happening in present day and events happening in the past all in conjunction in the story. Every chapter takes place in a different timeframe with something incredibly shocking and shattering happening in that first chapter. Then you spend the next half of the book trying to figure out exactly how Quin and Ella got to where they were at in that first chapter. It's an incredible way to write a book and it literally kept me riveted to the story. I could not walk away. I NEEDED to know what happened and how in the world anything was going to be okay again. As a reader and a writer, it was an incredible lesson in how to create and weave an unforgettable, completely suspenseful story. I cannot stress to you how good this book was. 

And I don't know what to say without giving anything away. OMG...because each and every little revelation steals your breath away as you read it. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that experience for any other reader. These characters, this story...just wow! When I hit a book this good, I have a hard time sticking to just the audiobook, because I can read it so much faster. My hubby kept laughing at me on this one. Johanna Parker's narration was so good and her ability to express the emotion of the story was amazing. I couldn't walk away from the audiobook. So I got where I would listen to the beginning of the chapter with audio, reading along on my kindle. Then I would stop and read the last half of the chapter with just my kindle. That way I was able to move it along faster without completely abandoning the incredible narration. 

So, so, so good. This entire series has been incredible, but this book was perfection. I have loved getting to know the Kinncaids and am truly sad to let them go. It's been a great series. Thank you to my friend, Amy, for pushing me to read this. It's taken me a couple of years to get to them, but that way I was able to read them all it worked. 

A phenomenal series!!


Anonymous said...

Is this the final book in the series or is the author planning more, do you know? Really, I can't wait to start this series with how amazing your reviews have been and how they've seriously gotten better and better! :-) I love the fact that you did a mix of the audiobook AND reading on your own. It made me giggle. :-D

Christi Snow said...

This is the last one of the main series, Deanna. The author did just release a book about the parents of the Kinncaid boys, but I don't plan on reading it. Their father did something I couldn't forgive in one of the stories and I really don't want to read their story. smiles...