Saturday, March 22, 2014

Freshman: Uncut by Daisy Harris

Title: Freshman: Uncut
Author: Daisy Harris
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Ivory Towers #1
Main Characters: Shane and Angel
Release Date: July 2013
Publisher: Total E-Bound
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Sparks fly between jaded film TA, Shane, and tough-acting freshman, Angel. Shane gives Angel the sex he craves, but struggles to be the man he needs.

Shane’s too old for Angel. Even if Angel weren’t a freshman in Shane’s Intro to Film class, the kid would be too closeted, too confused, too darn changeable and needy. But when Shane sees the pain lurking behind Angel’s tough exterior, he can’t help but reach out to him and give in to the desire in those scared, brown eyes.

Pacific Rim University may as well be another planet from the Oakland neighborhood where Angel grew up. Angel’s fought all his life to get respect, and to stay hard in the eyes of his friends back home. Always the weird kid, Angel was the guy who never hooked up with girls. Meeting his very sexy, very male Film TA, Angel starts to understand why. He refuses to admit he’s gay, but he lives for every one of Shane’s smiles.

When Shane takes Angel to task for his insolent attitude, Angel can’t resist pushing his TA further. He wants Shane to show him, force him, make him accept all the feelings battling around in his mind and his body. But Angel doesn’t just need sex. He needs a man who can help him navigate the new and very raw landscape of his feelings.

My Review:
This is the opening segment for a 4 novella series and as that, it definitely worked. 

Angel is a freshman majoring in film. He earned a full scholarship based on his YouTube videos. Angel is not your typical college freshman. He comes from a very poor family and the pictures Daisy Harris drew of him made me picture a gang-banger type...really tough with an angry facade.  He's also deeply in the closet...has never really even admitted to himself that he's gay, much less someone else. So when Shane begins to affect him, Angel lashes out before any other type of reaction. It's his natural defense instinct. 

Shane knows that he probably shouldn't get involved with Angel. Shane is 6 years older than Angel and the TA in one of Angel's classes, but Angel has a vulnerability and neediness about him that Shane can't ignore. He first, but that doesn't work out so well for him in the long run. 

Like I said, this is set up as a 4 book series that follows Angel through his four years of college. I'm anxious to see how it plays out. In this first book, Angel is simply so unsure and vulnerable when it comes to all this sexual stuff that simply scares him. I know there is going to be a great character arc for him over the series and I think it's going to be really good. This is also set up with a HUGE difference where these two guys are at in their lives. I'm interested to see how Daisy Harris works that part of the story. 

The nice thing is that all the novellas are fairly short so I can slide them into my normal reading without taking too much time away from the books that I need to read. 

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fun series to read. Not only is it a novella series, but it's also based on one main character. I think it's fun that it's a series that is going to follow Angel through college, there will be a lot of character development when it's spanning 4 years. :-)