Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Deadly Ties (audiobook) by Jaycee Clark

Title: Deadly Ties
Author: Jaycee Clark
My Rating: B+
Narrator: Johanna Parker

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Deadly #2
Main Characters: Taylor and Gavin
Release Date: book- 2005; audiobbook- 2013
Publisher: Tantor Audio
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Taylor Reese is done with men, except for her son, Ryan. Dr. Gavin Kinncaid realizes Ms. Reese is the only woman he's ever wanted to strangle, but fate and passion soon twist their feelings into something other than antagonism, first into passion and then into love. But someone plots to rip this new happy family apart, spilling pain and death in their wake.

My Review:

I am really loving the audiobooks by this author and narrator. This one was particularly good for the first part of the book. I liked the strife between the hero and heroine. I enjoyed the dynamic of their jobs (even though their initial meeting was extremely tragic)...the social worker and the physician. Their chemistry was incredible through the first parts of the story. I also really enjoyed the whole backstory for Taylor and her ex-husband. That just about broke my heart when that all came out...what a shocker.

Although I really loved the two of them together, I'll admit that their relationship flip-flopped WAY too quickly for my liking. It seemed like they were at each other's throat one minute and then pledging forever in the next. What? That was my main issue with this book, although the ending did help to make up for it because the ending of the book was really good, too. 

And I need to note the narrator here. This book features a whole host of characters...about a dozen adults and two kids which speak regularly. Never did I have an confusion about who was talking at any point in time. Johanna Parker has a HUGE range of voices and inflections that made her simply a joy as a narrator. 

The suspense line features a bad guy that's never a secret or a surprise in this book, but I did find myself incredibly intrigued by older Kinncaid brother, Ian. I need to know what exactly he does that has left him estranged from the family for so long while still remaining completely loyal. 


Anonymous said...

Haha, well I didn't have to wait long to see your thoughts on book 2! :-D I'm glad that you enjoyed this one as well. I'm really interested to hear this Johanna Parker though. I've always had trouble getting into books that are narrated by one person who has to do so many different voices...sometimes it grates on me. But, I think I might need to look into this...audible here I come. :-D

Christi Snow said...

Yay, Deanna. Let me know what you think if you listen to them. I've finished all five books now and they just got better and better. Such a fantastic series. The other reviews are coming, but will be later in March/early April. smiles...