Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Deadly Shadows (audiobook) by Jaycee Clark

Title: Deadly Shadows 
Author: Jaycee Clark
My Rating: A- 
Narrator: Johanna Parker

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Deadly #1
Main Characters: Jesslyn and Aiden
Release Date: September 2013 (audio release)
Publisher: Tantor Media
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
A small, friendly Colorado town, nestled in the breathtaking Rockies, cloaks a malevolence, an evil that stalks women.

Jesslyn Black, a writer, is content living her now-single, childless life. If she keeps to herself, she can't get hurt. Haunted by the past, Jesslyn never again wants to experience the soul-shredding pain of losing loved ones.

Aiden Kinncaid is running from his own secret loss. As the CEO of Kinncaid Enterprises, he travels to this remote Colorado resort town to oversee the opening of the new Highland Hotel. Though he's not interested in any kind of relationship, he finds himself drawn to this temperamental, brown-eyed beauty. And her rough-edged attitude is a challenge to him.

But whether or not either sought a relationship, they've found one. Aiden wants to protect Jesslyn even if she claims she can take care of herself, and she finds she can't stop thinking about Aiden, even when he annoys her. Will they get their second chance at love and life before the killer eliminates one problem he doesn't need?

My Review:

This is my first Jaycee Clark read although I have a friend who urged me to read these books ages ago because she knew I would enjoy them. (You were right, Amy!)

From the moment this book began, the energy and expectation that I love with romantic suspense began. Right away the energy ramps up when Jesslyn comes upon the murder of one of her best friends in the middle of the night. From that moment on, her life is at risk because the murderer knows that she might have seen something. And so the story begins.

There were so many little things I loved about this book. Jesslyn is a writer. As one myself, I loved how she could use her writing as a stress reliever. Aiden is a renter in her house and although their first encounters are fairly acrimonious, he remains very protective of her. I loved that. What I didn't absolutely love and my one real complaint about the book was how their relationship did a 180 so suddenly. One minute they are jibing at each other and the next they realize that they are in love. What? I can usually deal with insta-love, but this one went a little too fast in a totally different direction too quickly for me. But other than that it was a great book and an incredible audio listen.

The narrator was great and the addition of Aiden's parents at the end as well as his brother convinced me that I want to listen to the entire series on audio and went and bought them all on audible. BTW, the narrator does some spectacular voices and accents. I really, really loved her narration on this one and the good news is that she narrates the entire series. Yippee!

This is definitely great romantic suspense, too. I had my suspects narrowed down to three at about 2/3 of the way through and then down to two at the end. I was completely and totally wrong about the bad guy. I love it when a story can twist me around that way and since I've started writing rom suspense, I've gotten pretty good at figuring out the bad guy so bravo, Jaycee, on the writing on this one! 

It was good and I am already half-way through the audio on book 2 and it's shaping up to be even better. I think I have a new author to fan-girl on....

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a very good read/listen! I am still trying to get into the world of audiobooks and it's wonderful to see reviews like this. I like the fact that the narrator will be around for all of the books and that she is so good with her voices and accents. It's also refreshing to see a suspense/mystery that actually keeps you guessing until the end and you STILL can't figure out who the bad guy is. :-) Glad you're enjoying book 2 and I look forward to reading your review on that one. :-D