Thursday, March 27, 2014

Deadly Obsession (audiobook) by Jaycee Clark

Title: Deadly Obsession
Author: Jaycee Clark
My Rating: A
Narrated by: Johanna Parker 

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Series: Deadly #3
Main CharactersChristian and Brayden
Release Date: August 2004
Publisher: Tantor Media
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

She's his angel . . . his love . . . his obsession . . .

He knew she wasn't dead, and he's finally found her.

Christian Bills has created a new life for herself with the help of the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid family. For almost nine years, she's been hiding, but dark secrets from her past threaten to rip her safe world apart.

Brayden Kinncaid doesn't know what's wrong with Christian. He's known her for years and only recently discovered that his feelings for her go beyond friendship. The changes in the once strong-willed woman are startling. Her haunted gray eyes and darting looks lead him to believe something is drastically wrong. No matter how hard he pushes her, she won't confide in him. But when Christian is attacked, Brayden vows to discover what she is hiding—before it is too late.

My Review:
Overall.... 4.50
Performance... 4.75
Story.... 4.25

So far, this has definitely been the best of the series. I loved this book...probably just because Christian and Brayden have had such a long relationship. She had been part of the family since she ran away from her family in her teens. To the other Kinncaid brothers, she's like a sister, which is why Brayden is so discombobulated by his new sexual feelings for her. He doesn't know what to do with this, but knows he doesn't want to do anything that could threaten Christian's standing in the family, so he steps back from his feelings for her. Something she does not appreciate at all. 

I liked the by-play between Christian and Brayden at the beginning and LOVED how she stood up to him. She's always been there for him in raising his daughter Tori and just assumes that she always will be, no matter what happens between them emotionally. I love that she stood up to him on that and showed him that he couldn't take advantage of her. And watching her entire life-story unfold was heartbreaking. She's been through so much and has come out as such a strong character. I loved her. 

And with this entire series...Kinncaid word- YUMMY! Brayden doesn't change that at all. I love these guys and how protective they are and how they all work together to protect their women...including Ian, the black sheep who always shows up to help out. (I can't wait for his story!)

And, as always, Johanna Parker was AMAZING at her narration. I love her voices...both male and female. They work for me and she is definitely up there as one my favorite narrators. 

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