Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beautiful Scars by Shiloh Walker

Title: Beautiful Scars
Author: Shiloh Walker
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: -
Main Characters: Chaili and Marc
Release Date: January 2013
Publisher: Samhain
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Some scars cut right to the heart.

Three years after her divorce, Chaili Bennett is over her ex. Her only problem now? Of the few men she’s dated since, no one “gets” her. Not like Marc Archer—a man who’s never seen her as more than a friend.

Marc Archer needs a date for a last-minute charity event, and he needs it fast. Not that women aren’t throwing themselves at his world-famous face and body, but sometimes it’s less messy—as in less personal—to use his sister Shera’s escort service.

The last woman on earth Marc expects to see in his sister’s office is Chaili. There’s something different about her, but nothing pleases him more when Shera sets them up. That simple date quickly evolves into much more as they both discover the other fills a deep, secret need they’ve shared with anyone else.

Though Chaili insists one night is all she wants, Marc isn’t walking away now. Not until he discovers what put the shadows in her eyes. And the scars on her soul.

My Review:
I love romances where the hero and heroine have a history of friendship. That is definitely the case between Chaili and Marc, but they've drifted apart over the last few years as Marc has become more successful as a musician and Chaili realized that her love for him would never be returned. Marc is an artistic guy...despite his fame, his pretty socially awkward. As a result, he uses his sister's escort service to gain dates for nights out on the town that he has to participate in. The set-up for this book was that his normal date cancelled on him at the last moment, so he went to his sister. Chaili happened to be there when he set up the date and volunteered, although Marc didn't realize it until he picked her up. 

While Marc and she have been friends, Marc has been pretty self-absorbed and honestly has no idea what has gone on in Chaili's life the last few years...and those have not been happy years for her. As he realizes what he's missed out again, he is also discovering a brand new draw to her that he's never felt before. 

The book is called Beautiful Scars and while Chaili has the physical scars...that part of the story line was a surprise to me and I really liked the beauty that occurred between the two of them because of him showing her how beautiful she still is. But she's not the only one scarred...Marc is, too...emotionally. He's been betrayed before because of his fame and as a result, is very reluctant to let anyone into his world. He has a really difficult time opening up. It certainly doesn't help that with his social awkwardness, he tends to stick his foot in it when he does try to open up. 

Overall, the book was about recovery...especially mental recovery from scarring left from bad relationships and learning to love again. Learning to be open mentally for emotional attachments again. I thought it was a beautiful story with an incredible message. I enjoyed the book and especially loved the musician's slant to the story line and the entire back story behind Chaili's scarring. It made for a great read.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great read Christi! It is nice to have love stories that come from people with a friendship history...they don't use as much stretch when the romance sparks start to fly. :-) Great review and I've always heard great things about Shiloh Walker!