Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Off Tuesday: First to Burn by Anna Richland

He's a soldier...
And immortal...
wounded on the battlefield of Afghanistan...
And his cover looks like this....
Yep, I had to buy this one. 
It sounds (and LOOKS) so good!!
First to Burn by Anna Richland

Story Overview:

A soldier with secrets
Immortal Viking Wulf Wardsen once battled alongside Beowulf, and now serves in Afghanistan. He's trusted the mortal men on his elite special operations team to protect his secret, until an explosion lands Wulf in a place more dangerous to him than a battlefield: a medevac helicopter.
A doctor with questions
Army captain Theresa Chiesa follows the rules and expects the same from others, even special forces hotshots like Sergeant Wardsen. She's determined to discover the secret behind his supernaturally fast healing, and she won't allow his sexy smile to distract her.
An enemy with nothing to lose
Even as Theresa's investigation threatens to expose him, Wulf is stirred by her passion. Dreaming of love and a normal life, he wants nothing more than to build a future with her. But the lost Viking relic needed to reverse his immortality is being hunted by another--an ancient enemy who won't hesitate to hurt Theresa to strike back at Wulf.
Book one of the Immortal Vikings series.
It's so fun to see so many people get excited about this meme.
(But honestly, we're looking at gorgeous men and talking about books...how can that be a bad thing?)
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Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

I'd take one or two or more of him.

BookaholicCat said...

He looks good, but I think his chest is a bit too chesty, it's almost as if he has boobs. It may be the angle, but... I don't know.

Felicia S said...

Where do I sign up for an Immortal Viking! I will take one :)

Anna Richland said...

Felicia! I know where you can an Immortal Viking - from me! I have too many of them around my house, they're all over my kitchen counters and I have to keep moving them out of the way.

Seriously, if you want a notecard with the cover (my sweet husband designed them and put them in my stocking for Christmas), send me an email at annarichland at gmail w/your contact info and I'll drop one in the mail. Or you can sign up at my website:


Thanks for featuring FIRST TO BURN here! It's so exciting to see people find my book.