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The Darkest Joy by Marata Eros

Title: The Darkest Joy
Author: Marata Eros
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: -
Main Characters: Brooke and Chance
Release Date: February 2014
Publisher:Gallery Books
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Six months ago, Brooke Starr was one impeccable piano performance away from Juilliard. Now, she is lonely, devastated, orphaned . . . seeking solace in a place where the sun never sets and trying to make sense of the dark tragedy that clouds her shattered heart. 

There are no coincidences. . . . 

Deep-sea fisherman Chance Taylor can't imagine what his life would be if he'd never taken that midnight stroll to the pier. Had never seen the intriguing, raven-haired girl swan dive into the Alaskan sea. Had never plunged into the icy waters to rescue her . . . and finally felt her electric charge. 

As their blazing chemistry consumes them, Chance is determined to save Brooke from her demons. But Brooke knows she must find her own footing. She thinks she's already lost everything;until the terror of her past catches up with her and threatens all that she has left: her life, her love, and the freedom to choose between drowning in grief and finding joy in the darkness.

My Review:
This is one of those books. It's started out so well and had such an amazing premise, but it just didn't quite live up to its promise. That didn't make it a bad book...although there were areas where it could have been improved so that it would have been spectacular. Overall, I definitely enjoyed reading it. But the promise for loving it was there.... and it made me sad that it just didn't quite pan out for me. 

This book is about Chance and Brooke. The book starts out with Brooke on her way home from college for Christmas talking to her mom on the phone. A serial killer comes to the door and Brooke listens to her entire family get viciously murdered over the phone. Then the real story begins five months later when Brooke has moved to Alaska to become a fisherwoman on a halibut crew working with Chance Taylor. Before the murder of her family, Brooke was on her way to Juilliard as a talented pianist. She was a finalist with only her final tryout to go, but with her heart shattered, she can't even look at a piano again.

There were so many aspects to this story that I really loved....
***I liked the complete 180 for Brooke in careers to become a fisherman. It was mentioned that her brother Joey had done the job before he was murdered, but that was one of those side stories that seemed to be left dangling. I would have loved to know more about Joey and Brooke's relationship. I honestly don't even know how old he was....older or younger.
***The whole group of friends in Homer...not only Chance, but Taylor (and his psychedelic painting of her VW bus) and Evan (and the fact that he wanted to go after Brooke...I wanted more scenes between him and Chance)
***I loved the Alaskan setting and Brooke's Aunt's cabin...even with its rundown condition.
***There was a fabulous build-up about Chance's backstory and how these two are really fated to be together. That part began really well, but kind of fell flat at the end...and felt unfinished even though I think everything was revealed. 

And the parts that I didn't quite love so much...
***The romance...I can usually deal with insta-love, but this one just seemed wrong somehow. And honestly, the way it was written was just a little odd. I kept having to stop and go back to make sure I didn't miss the sex before it happened. Both Brooke and Chance kept referring to their evenings like they'd had sex, when all they did was kiss. I had almost decided that this was truly a YA book where all the sex was completely off the page...and then it did happen. It just confused me the way they both think and refer to their very mild evenings together as something much more intimate and I realize they are speaking emotionally, but something was just off with the wording. And I know that sounds weird, but I think you'll understand if you've read the book. 
***The serial killer...not a surprise and it seems like this story line is happening way too much. I was ready for some creativity there.

Reading over this review, this sounds really negative. I just needed more, but there was never a single time during the reading of the book that I wanted to put it down. The story is riveting. While I feel a little let down after the book that is simply because it had such promise to go from good to spectacular. But as it is...the book is good. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. 

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