Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley

Title: Pride Mates
Author: Jennifer Ashley
My Rating: B 

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Shifters Unbound #1
Main Characters: Liam and Kim
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
To most, they are animals even when in human form. They are to be collared and kept on the fringes of society, scorned because they are feared, hated for their extraordinary powers. And attorney Kim Fraser has to go right into the heart of their lair.
It is her job to defend those in need. But there is absolutely nothing defenseless about Liam Morrissey. His soft Irish lilt and feline grace can t disguise his sheer strength. Nor can the silver chain at his throat, designed to control the aggression of his kind, completely reassure her that this man has been tamed.
Yet when a feral shifter begins to stalk them both, Liam is the only one she trusts with her life. She'll let him claim her for her protection, for her pride, and for a passion that knows no bounds.

My Review:
Another new paranormal world to explore. I do love shifter stories and this world has some interesting twists. 

In this world, shifters have been basically chained by humans via a collar which restricts many of their natural instincts, specifically their instinct to fight for domination. Shifters accepted this restriction voluntarily because before accepting the chain, they were dying out. Shifters have lived like this for twenty years, but even twenty years later, they are subjugated to prejudice by humans and humans simply don't know that much about their society.

For the first time ever, one of the shifters has been charged in a human court and attorney Kim has agreed to represent him in this murder case. But to properly defend him, she has to learn more about shifters and that brings her to Shiftertown and Liam. Liam is a powerful, but laidback charmer in the shifter world. What she discovers is surprising to her. While she never truly considered shifters too much, she's surprised by the close-knit, loving society they have. As someone who has spent most of her life alone, she's drawn to that. 

There was a lot to establishing this world in this book, but it never bogged down because the character Kim was learning this new world, too. I liked her and her interactions with all the shifters. They lack a sense of personal space and I liked how she transitioned to accepting that throughout the book. There was a marked change for her and her physical interactions with all of them, not just Liam. It was a neat little detail as the book progressed. 

There is a lot of change happening within the politics of this society in this book too and at the heart is Liam's family. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out over the series. I enjoyed the book and while I can't see myself ever re-reading it, I liked it enough that after I finished it, I got online and ordered the rest of the series. It set up a great premise and like I said, I do love shifter stories. 

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