Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter's Tale by Emma Holly

Title:  Winter's Tale
Author: Emma Holly
My Rating: B-

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series:  Hidden #6
Main Characters: Hans and December
Release Date: January 2013 
Publisher: -

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Something sexy is afoot at Rackham's School for Young Ladies. Half faerie, half elf Hans Winter broke the heart of the wrong princess. Cursed to live as a statue at a school for human girls, only true love—and true bravery—can free him.

December Worth never met a rule she didn’t want to break, as the numerous institutions that expelled her can attest. Bravery she can handle. Love she’s less sure about, especially if it involves believing in fairytales.

A kiss seems like the last thing these lonely souls would share, until one night in the cemetery where Hans stands trapped, Fate brings stone and flesh together . . .

My Review:
This is a true fairytale set in the current world. December is a teen rebel. She's been kicked out of every boarding school her parents have sent her to. On her first night at her newest school, she sneaks out and discovers the cemetery. In the center of it is the extremely realistic and beautiful statue of Hans. It does things to her...very smexy things....and the story evolves from their involving curses, queens, and fairies. 

This book is pretty short but it's filled with smexy times. For me, it just didn't quite do it for me, but I honestly think that was because December is so young...she's only 18. That's just too young of a heroine for me to enjoy. Which is such a personal thing and has nothing to do with the quality of the just kept me from enjoying the book as much as I might have otherwise.

The book is easy to read and follow. The story line is interesting and creative. Like I said...go into it knowing that it's a fairy tale and suspend disbelief. If you like your characters a bit younger than I do, then you will probably like this one. 

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