Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Wicked Woods by Kelly Apple

Title: The Wicked Woods
Author: Kelly Apple
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotica
Series: Monstrous Tales #1
Main Characters: Ari
Release Date: December 2013
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Ari’s always had a thing for monsters. Big ones, small ones, and all the ones in between. They turn her on like no human can. She’d be an ordinary girl if not for that one little quirk.

Since monsters aren’t real, she’s resigned herself to loving them in her imagination.

But, as Ari is about to find out, monsters are real and now one of them has her in their grasp. Will reality be better than fantasy? Or will she walk away and lose her one chance at fulfilling her wildest dreams?

Warning: This book contains a girl who isn’t afraid of monsters and a monster who wouldn’t mind a special lady friend. You’ll never look at those all-night monster marathons on TV the same way again.

My Review:
Warning: This is straight up erotica, so don't go into it looking for a deep storyline, although I did enjoy what was there. (Tentacles...lots and lots of tentacles...hehe, I couldn't resist.)

But seriously, I'll admit that I haven't read much (i.e. any actually) of the more bizarre erotica out there, so you could consider me a virgin to tentacle sex. Kelly Apple burst my tentacle cherry with this one and I kind of liked it. Should I say that aloud? 

It's really smexy, extremely well-written and I found myself completely and totally fascinated. Who knew what tentacles could do?? Wow, I'm feeling a bit gypped by not having a monster in my life. Again, I wonder...should I say that aloud? Regardless, it was a really fun and smexy read. Ari just thought she was turned on by the thought of monster's before. I foresee lots of visits to the bathroom...or the woods in her future.

Hehe...I think I've found my new guilty pleasure and I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment of Kelly Apple's Monstrous Tales.

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TerriBruce said...

OMG, that just isn't right, LOL! Your review had me laughing so hard - I'm glad I wasn't drinking a beverage at the time! I'm horrified and fascinated at the same time - tentacles. Gaaah! :-)