Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott

Title: The Christmas Throwaway
Author: RJ Scott
My Rating: A+ 

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Ben and Zach
Release Date: November 2012
Publisher: LoveLane Books
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Christmas is a time for giving - what do you do when no one gives a damn? 

For Zachary Weston Christmas means sleeping on a churchyard bench in the freezing snow with nothing better in his future. Thrown out of his home for being gay, he is left without money or, it seems, anywhere to go.

Until a stranger shows him that some people do give a lot more than a damn.

Ben Hamilton is a rookie cop in his small home town. He finds a young throwaway, fresh from the city, sleeping on a bench in the churchyard on a snowy Christmas Eve. Can he be the one to give Zachary his own Christmas miracle?

My Review:

This novella was everything I hope for when I pick up a holiday book. It was a completely heartwarming story with an incredibly sweet and emotional romantic story line.

The story starts with Ben, a rookie cop, finding Zach asleep and freezing on a bench in the church cemetery on Christmas Eve. Zach is 17, days away from his 18th birthday and something about him speaks to Ben. Rather than take him to the police station, he takes him home to his mom's house, where Zach is brought in as just part of this huge happy family during the holidays. As the story unfolds, you find out there is so much more to Zach's story than just being a homeless teenager and the whole story is heartbreaking. As a reader, I wanted to just reach out to this kid and hold him which is pretty much everyone's reaction to him in the story too. His world was made so much better that night that Ben found him...and that's why I love Christmas books so much...a miracle of happenstance that turns this entire kid's life around. 

Then there's Ben....a gay cop who's also young...24, but still way too old for Zach. He's walking a very fine line for what is appropriate. NOTE: I love how the author wrote this part of the story line...stretched the romance out over 2 years so that age wasn't an issue. By the time anything truly happens between them, Zach is 20, although the feelings for both of them are there from the very beginning. Yay for the author keeping that all under control while Zach was too young. And that may seem like a spoiler but it's really not...this is a holiday know it's going to end with an HEA. There's so much more to the story than just's DEFINITELY worth the read. I loved this one!

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