Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gift-Wrapped by Sam Hill

Title: Gift-Wrapped
Author: Sam Hill
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Dreamspinner's Advent Calendar
Main Characters: Noah and ???
Release Date: December 2013
Publisher: Dreamspinners Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: g-rated

Story Overview:
Noah hates his job at the popcorn kiosk, and finding out his original holiday plans to return home have fallen through doesn't help make his season bright. The daily Secret Santa gifts left on the counter of the kiosk are, so far, more frustrating than cheerful. Then a clown determined to turn Noah's frown upside-down convinces him that Christmas might not be as terrible as he'd expected.

My Review:
What a sweet, romantic story (with just a few stalkerish moments...LOL.) This novella is about Noah. He's in his second year at college and isn't able to go home for the holidays. He hates his job and has been a bit depressed about the whole situation when mysterious gifts start showing up at work every night just as he closes for the night. 

Once the reveal of who it is and how it's all tied together happens, I smiled because it's just that sweet of a romantic story. Josh is a bit OCD, but obviously that doesn't transmit to how aware he is of his friends in his environment. I love that they were all in on it to make sure he had a fabulous holiday too even though it wasn't the holiday he hoped for. I have a feeling that in the end it was even better than he expected. 

This is definitely one of those holiday stories that simply makes you feel good...and makes you want to pay closer attention to those around you who may be sad and alone at this time of the year.

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