Friday, November 8, 2013

The Closer You Get by L.A. Witt

Title:  The Closer You Get 
Author: L.A. Witt
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance  (m/m)
Series: Distance Between Us #2
Release Date: November 2011
Main Characters: Kieran and Alex
Publisher: Samhain
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
"The virgin isn't the only one with something to lose... "

Self-described manwhore Kieran Frost is loving the single life. Two years after moving to Seattle, he still has his friends with benefits, Rhett and Ethan, plus a never-ending supply of gorgeous, available men wandering through the bar where he works. A relationship? Spare him the drama and heartbreak. He's got no complaints about his unattached lifestyle.

When Rhett's daughter introduces him to newly-out-of-the-closet Alex Corbin, Kieran's interest perks up. After all, the quiet ones are always the freaks in bed. But Alex isn't just shy and reserved. He's a virgin in every sense of the word, having never even kissed anyone else.

Kieran is no one's teacher, and his first instinct is to run like hell in the other direction. But his conscience won't let him throw the na ve kid to the wolves for someone else to take advantage of. The plan is to introduce Alex to his own sexuality, pull him out of his shell, then go their separate ways.

It's the perfect, foolproof plan...assuming no one falls in love.

Warning: This sequel to "The Distance Between Us" contains a curious virgin, a shameless slut, a trip to a sex shop, and one stubborn heart. Oh, and a dildo.

My Review:
What an interesting story. This book is told entirely from Kieran's point of view...and it's a VERY jaded pov. 

Kieran is 27, a bartender, and he really hasn't seen the best that love has to offer. The bad thing's not that he doesn't believe in love. He just doesn't think the pain that comes from that love is worth it in the end. He has no desire to put himself out there like that. He fully intends to just have long-term commitments or relationships. 

Alex is the opposite end of the spectrum. He's 21, and totally innocent when it comes to sex. He moved to California from a small town where coming out was NEVER an option. He's never even been male or female. He's ready to cautiously explore this new sexual world and Kieran is ready to help him. 

Both guys know where they are at going into the relationship. Kieran is VERY upfront with Alex that this is only sex and they both agree with those terms. They don't even go so far as to say it's a monogamous thing....this is just about the sex and mutual gratification. At least that's what they both think and plan for, but you know the heart doesn't always cooperate that way.

I really loved the way that this book progressed. Because Alex is a virgin, they move very slowly, but are still REALLY, REALLY active. Not only was that really hot, but it meant that the emotions between them really snuck up on them...both of them. Neither one realizes how reliant they are becoming on the other in their nightly sojourns to the bedroom or how they are spending every hour they can together. They just see it as hot sex, even though there are nights when it's just hot snuggling together as they sleep. 

The moment when Kieran discovers it was more was brilliantly written. I loved that scene, but I really just loved the whole book. I liked both guys in the story and how they come from completely different experiences, but connect so deeply immediately. I also really liked Kieran's relationship with Ethan and Rhett. It was great to see how his sex life normally functions. Now I need to go back and read their story...whoa, what I know of it already is sizzling. I definitely enjoyed this one!

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