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Chained by Darkness by Susan Illene

Title:  Chained by Darkness
Author: Susan Illene
My RatingA

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: A Sensor Novel #2.5
Release Date: October 2013
Main Characters: Lucas and Melena
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:

The longer a man lives, the greater the chance his actions will cost him in the future. When that man is an immortal nephilim, the misdeeds can really pile up. Lucas has paid for the crimes of his past for centuries, resisting any close relationship that might make his life even more difficult. Until Melena. Only she could begin to melt the ice shielding his heart, but then he was captured by his greatest enemies—angels.

Now imprisoned in Purgatory, he’s awaiting trial for his latest crime and knows the verdict will not be in his favor. Lucas is resigned to the fact his life might be over, but fears without his protection Melena may not survive for long. She’s got her own enemies back in Alaska and her mortality makes her easy prey. Whatever happens to him, he must find a way to keep her safe. No matter the cost.

My Review:
It's no secret that I have loved this Urban Fantasy series. It's a great world with a great premise and a bit more romance involved than you normally find in Urban Fantasy. I love that!

This is a novella and is numbered as #2.5. You can read my reviews of the other two books here:
1. Darkness Haunts review (A+ rating)
2. Darkness Taunts review (A+ rating)
As an UF series, the first two books were written entirely from Melena's POV and that works, but at the end of Book #2, there was a huge cliffhanger. This book takes place from that cliffhanger and now we're in Lucas's POV. I love that Susan Illene did this switch for this novella. It adds so much to the story to see Lucas's thoughts and what he's been through and what he's willing to go through...for Melena. * have to love a character wiling to put everything on the line for the woman he loves.*

This absolutely is a series that I HIGHLY recommend. Melena is tough and has skills that just make her an incredible character. The world-building is amazing and as the characters evolve, it's becoming even more so. This novella reveals so much about Lucas's history and why's he's treated Melena the way that he has over the years. LOVE him!

Again, this book ends with things not necessarily all in a happy place, but this is an UF series that does so without making the reader want to pull the author's hair out at the end. I really love the way that Susan Illene produces those cliffhangers. Anticipation, not frustration, is the key and she does it incredibly well. 

If you haven't started this series yet, what are you waiting for? It's fabulous!

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