Saturday, October 19, 2013

Promo Post: WHEN LOVE INTRUDES by Christi Snow

It occurred to me after the book went live that maybe, just maybe, I should post something about it on here. 

Hey everyone! 
I released a new book this weekend. hehe....

WHEN LOVE INTRUDES is book #4 of the When the Mission Ends series.
Although it does have some of the recurring characters from the series (aw, Colton shows up!) this book is more of a stand-alone than the rest of the series has been. You'd be perfectly fine with picking up this book if you haven't read the others. What's important about the series that you missed is recapped in the prologue.

Here's a quick story blurb for you:
Toni Vincent’s last relationship ended with violence. Since then, she’s decided she’s better off without men. But when she finds her young seventeen year old neighbor, Nathan, unconscious and beaten, this is one man she can’t abandon. But helping Nathan means trusting Detective Brian Barnes, another man who hurt her in the past. It’s something she’s just not sure she can do.

Detective Brian Barnes has seen one too many criminals beat the system. He’s burned out and regretting a lot about his life. At the top of that list is how he dealt with Toni Vincent when he was wounded. At the time, he couldn't stand to look at himself, much less have someone he failed care for him. Now she needs his help and he refuses to fail her again. But keeping her alive requires keeping his heart out of it. Something not easy to do when trapped in a romantic mountain retreat, even if it is the safest place for Toni and her unexpected charge.

With danger around every corner, it’s hard to know who can be trusted, especially for three people who have been burned before. But they may just find the best family is the one not tied together by blood.

For now the ebook is exclusively available on Amazon for $2.99...

The print book was on sale as of Saturday, AM, at Amazon for $9.39...

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