Friday, October 18, 2013

Hungry for Touch by Angelita Gill

Title:  Hungry for Touch 
Author: Angelita Gill
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: 1NS
Release Date: January 2012
Main Characters: Kimber and Nate
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Kimber Dawson hasn't been able to connect with any man since her accident. Something inside seems broken...and 1NightStand may be her last hope to prove she isn't the ice queen men have claimed her to be. Can one man's touch do what others couldn't? All she wants is to feel a connection. For a night, an hour, or even a moment. Anything more would be unexpected.

After his third deployment in Afghanistan, Nate Brennan is a jaded soldier who has tasted the bitter and now aches to taste the sweet. Gone too long without sexual affection, he yearns for a woman to welcome him home with open arms and no expectations beyond the morning. Anything more would be unacceptable.

Two world weary souls will realize things can get very complicated when passion is satisfied...and a new hunger takes its place.

My Review:

Wow, when I sit down to read a 1NS book, this is everything I hope it will be. This novella was fantastic!!

This story was about two people who don't connect to others anymore. Nate has been a soldier for 19 years and has seen way too much combat time. He has a bit of mental fatigue. Kimber was in an accident 5 years ago that changed her. She hasn't been able to connect with a man physically or mentally since. Both of them are hoping that by going through Madame Eve's 1NS service, they will find a bit of healing. They definitely don't plan on any more than that.

But when they meet before their arranged date, they have instant chemistry without even realizing at the time that they are each other's dates for later. I liked the little twist of their meet-up. It made the 1NS connection seem more real and genuine. And whoa....are they hot together. Personally, I think this is the steamiest 1NS book I've read (and that's saying something because none of them are mild.) This story is Smexy with a capital "S".

I truly loved everything about this story. Both the characters were great with a wonderful back-story. Their chemistry was totally believable and hot. And the story felt complete although it was very short. I'm adding this one to my favorites file to re-read when I need a short sexy something-something. It definitely merits a re-read.

All this week, Decadent is celebrating the birthday of their 1NS imprint. I will be hostessing and reviewing 1NS books all week long, too. Join in the celebration!

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