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Forever is Now by K. Vale

Title:  Forever is Now
Author: K. Vale
My Rating:

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Shooting Stars #1
Main Characters: Alex and Chance
Release Date: September 2013
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
If you love someone, set him free. If he steals something of yours, hunt him down and make him sorry.

Alex Bremen is over Chance Ralan. Ever since his high school boyfriend ditched him nine years ago, Alex has barely thought of Chance at all. Sure, Alex attended a concert or two when his ex’s band, Armageddon Showdown, was in the area, but that was more curiosity than anything else. Who wouldn’t want to see firsthand how his once clean-cut boyfriend transformed into a pierced and tattooed heavy metal god?

But when Chance has the nerve to record a love song Alex wrote for him years ago, Alex crosses the country to confront him. Revenge becomes a dish best served sizzling hot. The two men lock horns, but find the chemistry between them has only intensified with time, and occasionally love needs to do some growing up before it can be done right.

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book. Alex and Chance have both made it in the world. Chance is a rock legend. Alex is a highly awarded filmmaker. They were lovers in high school, but that ended when Alex's extremely strict father found them and they went their separate ways. For Chance, that meant to never again be with a guy, denying that part of himself completely. But Alex chose to out himself. They haven't had contact since that day, but that all changes when Alex hears Chance's rock band singing the song Alex wrote for Chance on the radio. Now, he's angry.

I liked the set-up on this. Alex films documentaries and that's how he gets close to Chance, he decides to do a documentary about life on the road with the band. Chance never sees the blindside coming. He's doing drugs and drinking too much, generally living the rocker lifestyle. The appearance of Alex terrifies him. Since that day when they were 18, he's completely ignored the fact that he's gay. He only sleeps with girls. He refuses to be gay. It would ruin his career, but all that is thrown away when Alex shows up. He can't resist that temptation. 

There are a lot of emotions to this book, especially on Alex's part. Chance abandoned him to his abusive father. Chance ran even though they had a real love between them and he never came back. Now, Alex is very secure in who he is, but he never had closure on that fateful relationship with Chance and it still hurts. At the beginning of this book, that hurt turns really quickly to rage and anger. As a reader, my heart hurt for him.

Chance has his own set of issues. His on-stage persona is all about the sex...heterosexual sex. He doesn't think the band will survive if he comes out and he's nothing without his band and music. He honestly doesn't know what to do, even though there's no denying the connection between the two men has ever diminished. 

The book covers time on the road with the band which I really loved because it not only was an entertaining m/m romance to read, but the band details were really interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more books in the series. 

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