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When Summer Comes by Brenda Novak

Title:   When Summer Comes
Author: Brenda Novak
My RatingA

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Whiskey Creek #3
Main Characters: Callie and Levi
Release Date:  January 2013
Publisher: Mira
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Welcome to Whiskey Creek— Heart of the Gold Country!One day, Callie Vanetta receives devastating news…

She needs a liver transplant. But her doctors warn that, in her case, the chances of finding a compatible donor aren't good.

Determined to spend whatever time she has left on her own terms, she keeps the diagnosis to herself and moves out to her late grandparents' farm. She's always wanted to live there. But the farm hasn't been worked in years and she begins to fear she can't manage it, that she'll have to return to town.

One night, a stranger comes knocking at her door…

He's an attractive and mysterious drifter by the name of Levi McCloud, and he offers to trade work for a few nights' shelter. Callie figures she doesn't have anything to lose. He needs a place to stay until he can fix his motorcycle; she needs an extra pair of hands. The arrangement seems ideal until what was supposed to be temporary starts to look more and more permanent. Then she realizes she does have something to lose—her heart. And, although he doesn't yet know it, Levi stands to lose even more.

My Review:
What a great book. This book was full of all the FEELS. We've known Callie through the other two books in this series, but shortly after the end of the last book, she found out that she's dying with a very short term life prognosis. It's been 4 months since she found out and she hasn't shared with anyone yet....and that's saying a lot because she has a HUGE network of friends and support group. But she just isn't willing to put this out there until she has to...and as her health declines, that's getting closer and closer.

Levi is a drifter who shows up on Callie's doorstep, hurt. His motorcycle broke down and he was pushing it down the road in the middle of the night when pit bulls attacked him. He refuses to go to a hospital or police help...he just wants to use Callie's first aid kit, but instead he ends up with 100 stitches from the local neighborhood veterinarian. It's obvious from the very beginning that Levi is hiding something. He's a military vet, but he hides when the police show up. Regardless of that, Callie trusts him and wants to help him. So she offers a trade...if he'll do some handy work on the farm, she'll pay for the repairs to his motorcycle. 

No one is happy that Levi is living at the farm with Callie. They don't trust him. She figures she doesn't have much to lose since she's dying anyway, but no one else realizes that. What she doesn't count on is developing feelings for Levi, who has his own haunting reasons to not get involved with her. 

Just knowing the story line on this one, you know that it's an emotional read. Callie's dying, Levi is dealing with his own mental issues...the two things together and you know it's going to be a long, emotional road to an HEA, but Brenda Novak writes it beautifully. I loved this book.

I really love this little town and this group of approx. ten friends who meet at the coffee shop every Friday morning. Reading these books is like coming home because we are truly getting to know all of them, even the ones who don't have books yet. Baxter was the friend in this book who found out about Callie's illness first in this book so there are some great scenes with him in this book. My heart aches for him because I know that Noah's book is next and it's going to crush him. I hope that Baxter eventually gets an hea in this series too. Then there's Sophia... I really love her character and my heart breaks for the situation she's buried herself into. There are some GREAT books coming up in this series and I can't wait to read them all. Up next...Noah....

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