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When Snow Falls by Brenda Novak

Title:   When Snow Falls
Author: Brenda Novak
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Whiskey Creek #2
Main Characters: Cheyenne and Dylan
Release Date:  October 2012
Publisher: Mira
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
After growing up in cheap motels, moving from town to town with her sister and mother, Cheyenne Christensen is grateful to be on her own. She's grateful, too, for the friends she found once her family settled in California. But she's troubled by the mystery of her earliest memories, most of which feature a smiling blonde woman. A woman who isn't her mother.

Although Cheyenne has repeatedly asked for explanations, the people who could help aren't talking. Cheyenne is set on finding answers, but without so much as a birth certificate, it won't be easy.

Things get even more complicated when her closest friend is attracted to the man Cheyenne has secretly loved for years. For Eve's sake, she decides to step aside — which lands her right in the arms of Dylan Amos, oldest and baddest of the hell-raising Amos brothers. He's the kind of guy she's sworn to avoid. She can't afford to make a mistake, not when she finally has a chance to learn who she really is and change her life for the better. But . . . maybe there's more to Dylan than she thought. Maybe letting him go would be a bigger mistake.

My Review:
This was an engaging book. In fact, I stayed up until 2 AM finishing it. 

Cheyenne is in a bad situation, but honestly that is nothing new. That's the story of her life. Her mother, Anita, was an awful mother and both Cheyenne and her sister, Presley, paid for it. Presley handled it through drugs and alcohol.  Cheyenne has always been the responsible one in the family. Now it's Christmas time and her mother is in the final stages and dying from cancer. It's the holidays, home life sucks, and all Cheyenne's friends are off on a two-week cruise. Yep, her life pretty much sucks right now. Oh, and yeah, she's a 31 yo virgin just because she's never had time for relationships and has been in love with Joe since she was 14.

The twists and turns with the guys in this book were interesting. Joe, I loved, but Dylan...omg, you have to feel for this guy. Cheyenne's had a hard life, but Dylan's is very comparable. When he was 16, he'd lost both his, dead; dad to prison...and suddenly he was in charge of 4 really rambunctious younger brothers. He was also dealing with his own teenage rebellion and anger issues. As a result, the Amos boys don't have the best reputation around town. Dylan, as the oldest, takes a lot of it on himself. It becomes apparent fairly early on in the book that he's been watching and fascinated by Cheyenne for several years. He really likes her and that makes him really attractive. I loved his character and the moments of vulnerability that Brenda Novak let shine through. He was awesome. I loved how much he really wanted this relationship, but how he tried to protect Cheyenne from knowing how much it meant to him. 

There is a TON going on in this book. Cheyenne has her whole family mess. There's a mystery about her early life. Dylan has his own family issues as his brother and Cheyenne's sister are sinking in life together. It's Christmas time and there are also the friends and the drama happening with that group on their cruise as they try to help Cheyenne through the phone lines with everything going on in her life. 

I really enjoy the way that Brenda Novak writes her stories. There's just the perfect mix of internal and external dialogue that as an author, I love and admire. Reading her books are like reading a manual on the craft of writing. Two more in this series to go....and then she needs to speed up how fast she releases them. I may have to break down and start checking out her backlist because she's a great writer. 

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