Friday, August 30, 2013

The Mating Hunt by Bonnie Vanak

Title:  The Mating Hunt
Author: Bonnie Vanak
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Werewolves of Montana #2
Main Characters: Arianna and Kyle
Release Date: August 2013
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
WARNING: This is a book containing explicit sex.

Welcome to the sensual world of the Lupine, where the burning drive to mate claims all...

Arianna Sanders doesn’t remember everything that happened to her when she was 12. All she knows is a savage monster left her terrified of sex and a freak among Lupines, werewolves known for their sensual nature. Her guardian is the only male she trusts, the one she secretly desires. Arianna longs to overcome her fear and make love with the sexy, mysterious shifter. But Kyle Morgan harbors a dark secret, one that if Arianna knew, would send her screaming into the night.

The fiercely protective Kyle hungers for the voluptuous Arianna, who’s been teased for her generous backside. He thinks she’s perfect and dreams about consummating the passion smoldering between them. When Arianna makes a lethal mistake and is told she must mate before the full moon or face execution by the powerful Silver Wizard, Kyle knows the time has come. He must tame the savage, sexual beast inside him before he can claim the woman he’s vowed to protect from all harm.

But a greater threat emerges when Kyle and Arianna find three missing Lupine children stolen by humans. Vowing to protect the children with their lives, they must band together to fight a growing evil that threatens the entire Lupine population, an evil that will reignite Arianna’s old terrors…

My  Review:
The best thing this book has going for it....some SCORCHING sexual tension. Seriously, wow!

Ari was captured and tortured when she was twelve. She has ghost memories of the event, but it has left her sexually scarred. The thought of having sex with ANYone is absolutely terrifying to her. 

Kyle has been Ari's guardian since he found her wandering the forest naked at age 12. She reached mating age over a year ago and Kyle desperately wants to mate her, but he's a hybrid and is hiding what his second half is. His first half is Lupine (werewolf) like Ari, but the other half of incredibly sexual creature and the type of creature that was part of the torture of her capture. Kyle is literally the stuff of her nightmares, even though she loves and trusts him. She's having a horrible time getting past the scars from her past.

The other issue is that Ari has a death threat hanging over her head. If she doesn't mate by the next full moon, she is going to be killed because her hormone and emotional levels are so out of whack, she continues to lose control of her wolf. 

The best scene in this book....when Aiden, the alpha, forces Kyle's hand. He loves Ari so much and I love that he can't control that. He needs and wants her. He has no choice, but to mate her even when his mind is telling him that she will never be able to live with his Satyr side. It really made for some high tension, high suspense scenes and I loved that aspect of it. I honestly couldn't see how he was going to win out over her fear.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this series. I love shifter novels and there are some really creative aspects to this world that Bonnie Vanak has created. In this book, she set up at least two others and I am already excited about both of the possibilities of those stories. 

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